What Is a Pot Filler?

What Is a Pot Filler - Delta Faucet pot filler in brushed nickel What Is a Pot Filler - Delta Faucet pot filler in brushed nickel

Pot filler kitchen faucets can save time - and eliminate potential spills - when preparing meals. Because it's positioned over or next to your stove, you won't need to fill pots in the sink and haul them to the burner. Instead, place your pot on the stove and swing your pot filler faucet over to fill it to make cooking pasta, soup, and more that much easier.

A gallon of water weighs about eight pounds, and the deeper the pot, the more weight you'll end up lifting out of your sink and carrying to your stove, increasing the likelihood for splash and spills. A pot filler kitchen faucet is installed above or next to your stove, most often on the wall but sometimes in a deck-mount configuration. Its extendable arm gives you the flexibility to use no matter which burner you're utilizing.

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How to Upgrade Your Kitchen with a Pot Filler

Now that you know what a pot filler faucet is, here are some points you'll need to consider before you start shopping.

Choose Your Pot Filler Faucet

Which pot filler ultimately becomes part of your kitchen depends in large part on whether or not you are remodeling or refreshing your kitchen. The primary difference between the two is that a remodel means you are clearing out the old and replacing everything with new while a refresh means you are choosing certain pieces to replace to give your kitchen an update without tearing it all out.

If you are embarking on a full remodel, take this opportunity to indulge in a wall-mounted pot filler faucet. Because you will need a new water line run, and the new valve will need support from a stud, we recommend having a licensed plumber tackle the installation. If you're taking your kitchen down to the studs anyway, running a water supply and shut-off won't cost you that much more, and you'll be happy with the convenience once you get back to cooking after construction.

For a kitchen refresh project, you will still need a water line run to the location of your pot filler faucet, but you can choose a deck mount unit instead. As the name implies, this pot filler attaches to your countertop next to your stove, eliminating the need for expensive work in the wall above where you'll be cooking. This is an especially handy addition if you're looking to make some updates but aren't in the market for a full-on remodel.

Most top manufacturers like Brizo, Delta and Moen offer pot fillers in a number of styles like traditional and modern that will blend in well with your kitchen faucet and hardware choices.

Find the Best Location for Your Pot Filler

Pot filler installation is pretty straightforward, but it isn't a job for a DIY amateur, which is why we recommend hiring a plumber to install your fixture for the best height and location with the proper water supply.

With its handy extendable arm, a pot filler can be attached to most places on your wall or on either side of your stove. For wall-mount installations, be sure your pot filler faucet isn't placed too high or water will splash all over your kitchen. A filler placed too low will make filling a large stock pot difficult. A deck-mounted faucet is a great option if your stove is positioned on an exterior wall or in an island.

Unexpected Extras

Instead of worrying about soaking up excess water around your stove, have a hidden drain installed into your backsplash where it meets the counter. Just a degree or two slope will direct water back and away from your stove to drain away. You will need your plumber to run a drain line, but the extra attention to detail may come in handy in the long run.