Wall Mount vs. Deck Mount Faucets

Wall Mount vs. Deck Mount Faucets - Kohler Finial Vibrant French Gold Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet Wall Mount vs. Deck Mount Faucets - Kohler Finial Vibrant French Gold Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet

If you’re looking for a more convenient or innovative alternative to your traditional sink and faucet setup, a wall mount faucet might be the right option for you. Both aesthetic and ideal for saving space, there’s a reason why so many trendy bathroom designs incorporate these old-fashioned stunners.

What Is A Wall Mount Faucet?

A wall mount faucet is a fixture in which the spout and water valves are installed directly on the wall above the sink. This is different than a deck mount faucet, which is installed on the vanity, which is level with the sink. Though deck mount faucets are usually what you see in most bathrooms and kitchens, wall mounts are gaining popularity as well. 

How Does It Compare To Other Faucet Types?

Unlike deck mount faucets, wall mounts are different mostly due to the fact that they require different water line setups. Where most bathrooms and kitchens have plumbing situated to connect directly to the underside of the countertop or vanity. However, wall mount faucets require the plumbing to be connected directly through the back of the wall, where the faucet would be installed.

Other than that, wall mount faucets also require slightly different dimensions for sink height and depth. Whereas a deck mount faucet will usually be suited for most standard sized sinks, wall mount faucets need to be placed low enough that there’s no splashing, but high enough to still have room to move your hands or anything else you might want to wash. 

Overall, wall mount faucets are mostly differentiated from deck mount faucets by their setup, and size.

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Where Are Wall Mount Faucets Used?

Wall mount faucets can be used in any room in which you’d want a sink, though some are more convenient than others.


The most common place to find wall mount faucets are in the bathroom. In fact, these fixtures in part were popularized by use in vintage public restrooms. This is because the bathroom sink does not require as much space or water flow as, say, a deeper basin in the laundry room. 


It’s fairly uncommon to see wall mount faucets in the kitchen, though it is absolutely possible. This is because due to how frequently the kitchen sink is often used, many people prefer to have a faucet that is deck mounted, with a large arch, and possibly a nozzle head that can move, swivel, or alternate through different water flow settings. 

Laundry Room

The laundry room is another popular location to find a wall mount faucet, largely because there are two important elements that could make a wall mount faucet could fit there: first, there is often a lot of space between the tip of the faucet and the washbasin. This is important because the sink in the laundry room is typically used for cleaning bigger items. Second, the deep basin prevents potential splashing and overflow. 

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Why Are Wall-Mounted Faucets Popular?

Other than being utilitarian, wall-mounted faucets are also becoming more popular as a style choice. Designer Malachi Connolly spoke with Remodelista about the trend, explaining why it’s a great choice for your space.

“Many people choose a wall-mounted fixture because of its clean appearance; it’s a style that’s both modern and utilitarian-looking,” he said. “You often see them in restaurant kitchens.” She continued to say that wall-mounted faucets can be incorporated into the backsplash as well. “When you put something on a wall, it’s more like a relief or a sculpture. And the tiles around it—the color, the shape, the grout lines—are part of the composition.”

What Are The Downsides To A Wall-Mounted Faucet?

According to Remodelista, wall-mounted faucets are more challenging to install. Between water lines needing to be placed behind the wall as well as other plumbing adjusted, the cost can be up to 30 percent more than a traditional faucet would. Given all of this, they are not very easy to replace. 

If you like to have a separate spray nozzle, you may need to install one on the deck. “Some wall-mount styles do have a sprayer,” Connelly added. “But having the hose dangling at the backsplash isn’t ideal.”

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Will Splashing Be An Issue?

Sure, you’ll have plenty of room to wash and clean at your leisure, but given the height difference between the faucet and the sink, splashing can certainly pose a problem.

Therefore, when you install a wall-mount faucet, you’ll have to note the height and length of it in comparison to the sink. If you get the dimensions wrong, it might be a problem. Generally speaking, you want to aim for keeping the faucet at least one inch above the basin, but adding a little more space might be preferable if you choose. Be aware of installing the faucet too high, as it can be more difficult to manage the water stream, and that’s where splashing may begin. You should be able to test the faucet at a showroom or hook it up to a hose to gauge the water projection before you install it. 

How Long Should A Wall-Mount Faucet Be?

Yes, they’re shorter than a traditional deck-mount faucet that rounds over the sink basin, but just how short should a wall-mount faucet be?

Generally, wall mount faucets are 6” to 12” long. This provides options for different sinks at various depths. When you’re choosing your own, be sure to take measurements prior to your purchase, and ensure your faucet is suited to your sink of choice. 

Though it’s less involved than purchasing a traditional sink, which requires more measurements, the most important factor to keep in mind is your faucet’s reach, which is the length of the spout from where the base is installed. You’ll want to keep the water flow centralized near the drain, which could impact which faucet you choose. Unless you have a unique basin that could increase splashback, height is likely already taken into consideration in the faucet’s design.

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Will Wall-Mount Faucets Go Out Of Style?

Though it’s hard to say what will definitely happen in the coming years, generally speaking, the more classic you go with your design, the more timeless it becomes. Wall mount faucets certainly fall into that category. They have an inherent vintage and utilitarian feel to them to begin with, which is only complemented by more modern bathroom designs that also have vintage roots, like subway tiles.

Can I Use A Wall Mount Faucet In The Kitchen?

Yes! In fact, a wall mount faucet is a very unique way to improve your kitchen design. There’s more you’ll need to account for here — especially because you won’t have the ease and access of a traditional sink that can adjust, and potentially pull out another nozzle to ensure you can clean around your entire sink space — but wall mount faucets are definitely not just for the bathroom.

When it comes to choosing a wall mount faucet for the kitchen, however aesthetically appealing it may be, you will likely have to take more plumbing issues into consideration. Your sink will need to not be situated below a window, as there might not be enough room for the faucet. In other cases, you might need to budget and plan for a bigger renovation than initially imagined, given that your sink might have to change. (A deck mount faucet will leave openings in the countertop, which would be unsightly.)

It’s also great to use wall mount faucets in other areas, such as the laundry room. Given that the main appeal of a wall mount faucet is the space afforded to wash and move beneath it, it's the perfect fixture to accompany a deep basin, farm sink, or industrial sink.

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The Final Verdict

Wall mount faucets are stylish, vintage, and yet modern all at once. They are timeless focal pieces in any bathroom or kitchen design and can add a certain “wow” factor for how unique they are. Though they may require a bit more thought in terms of plumbing and placement, overall, wall mount faucets are an incredible option for your home design.