4 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks You Can Buy Today

Looking to update your kitchen sink? Consider an undermount style. Here's what you need to know and some of the best ones on the market:

7 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks You Can Buy Today - Kohler Prolific Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink 7 Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks You Can Buy Today - Kohler Prolific Stainless Steel Undermount Kitchen Sink
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When it comes to kitchen sinks, not all are made equally. You need to consider both the style and function of your sink. The undermount sink is visually similar to a drop-in sink. However, with a drop-in sink, the rim is visible. With an undermount, it is installed from underneath the countertop and fastened to the underside of the cabinet, making the rim invisible. This creates a streamlined look, as though the sink is merely a part of the countertop.

Many undermount sinks have a lot of qualities similar to a farm sink. However, with a farm sink, the entire front portion is visible to the eye, appearing as though it was built into the countertop. An undermount sink, however, might have a similar appearance, but it’s the installation that sets it apart.

Undermount sinks are perfect for minimal, contemporary, and luxury kitchens, though they can fit into almost any design. This type of uniformity is commonly seen in higher-end modern kitchens, where many appliances are worked into the decor to make them less noticeable.

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Pros & Cons of Undermount Kitchen Sinks

As with anything, there are pros and cons to choosing an undermount sink. Here are some of the most important to keep in mind.


  • The appearance is sleeker. Without an exposed front section or even a lip installed into the countertop, an undermount sink gives a kitchen a more high-end, streamlined appearance.
  • It makes cleaning easier. You'll be able to simply wipe the countertop without having to worry about dirt and debris getting buried and stuck in the rim of a sink's lips. Similarly, when it comes to cleaning up food and other waste, you can easily slide it from the counter into the sink.
  • It will age better. Whereas if you went with a more trendy option, it could phase out in a number of years, a minimally exposed sink will last longer and be able to work with many different interior designs.  


  • It won't work with all countertops. If this is the case, you'll need to not only get a new sink but a new countertop as well.
  • If the sink is not installed properly, it likely won't work.
  • Given that most countertops are cut to include a sink that has lips, the sizing may be off, requiring you to size up or get a new countertop altogether.

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Tips For Installing Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Given that an undermount is a unique setup, you might need some guidance when it comes time for installation.

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First, it is important to install an undermount sink before the countertop slabs are set down. If you are trying to install an undermount with cabinets still in place, you will probably run into trouble. Otherwise, make sure that the sink is installed and secured before the rest of the counter is installed. That way, you can correctly seal and finish the sink and underside of the countertop together.

It is important to install the undermount sink prior to the countertop because it will ensure that there are no gaps left between the sink and the countertop, which is apt to happen if you try to install an undermount as though it were just a drop-in. 

You can keep the countertops that you already have as long as you can lift them up for installation. However, keep in mind that this also requires your measurements to be precise and likely a bit different than the measurements you would need to make a regular drop-in sink work.

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The Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks You Can Buy Today

Kohler Deerfield 33" Undermount Kitchen Sink 

Not only is this double basin sink from Kohler made from a durable material guaranteed to not not crack or chip, but 93% of this cast iron material is recycled. With 5 holes--3 for a double-handle faucet and 2 for accessories, like a spray or soap dispenser--this sink is made for accessibility. It's eco-friendly, sleek, and easy to install--the perfect addition to a farmhouse kitchen. 

Kohler Strive 32" Undermount Kitchen Sink

Some people prefer the stainless steel look in their kitchen, and if that's the case for you, consider this 32" undermount from Kohler. The double basin doesn't have any faucet holes, but that just means there's more flexibility for your style preference. This package includes a divider, a bridge utility shelf, and a bottom basin rack. This sink has pretty much everything you need for a versatile, accessible workspace! 

Kohler Cairn 16" Undermount Bar/Prep Sink

Maybe you want or need a sink separate from your everyday kitchen sink space (with all the dirty dishes), as a space to wash and cut veggies or keep wine bottles cold during a party. If that's the case, consider this 16" bar/prep sink from Kohler. Offered in a matte black and matte taupe finish and made from a Neoroc composite, this single basin undermount sink is a great little detail to add to a luxury kitchen space

Kohler Cairn 34" Undermount Bar/Prep Sink

If you have space in your kitchen for a prep sink, consider this 34" matte black (or brown) undermount sink. The double basin is made from a composite material that is scratch, chip, and stain-resistant, and even heat-resistant up to 750 degrees F. One side of the basin is bigger than the other, which is great for submerging pots and pans of any size. This sink package from Kohler comes with a bottom basin rack and installation clips. 

Undermount sinks are great for any and all kitchen designs, including luxury and farmhouse, but whether or not it works in the space is up to a ton of factors--but most importantly, the installation process. There are plenty of pros and cons to having an undermount sink in your kitchen, but what matters most is what works for you and the space you have.