6+ Over-The-Toilet Storage Ideas

If your bathroom is small or being shared with a handful of kids, consider putting storage over the toilet to make things more accessible. Here are some ideas:

over-the-toilet storage ideas over-the-toilet storage ideas
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Over-the-toilet storage is accessible, versatile, and will fit any style preference. It’s an excellent addition to your home, whether you’re decorating a small bathroom, a powder room, or a children’s bathroom. Of course, you need to do your research before you make a purchase to ensure that your over-the-toilet storage is both sturdy and reliable. To make sure that happens, here is a rundown of everything you need to know: 

Why Storage Over The Toilet? 

When you have extra wall space, you might as well make use of it, especially if your bathroom is on the smaller side. Instead of taking up valuable floor space with bulky cabinets and vanities, which can make the room feel crowded and cluttered, you can install storage on the wall to save room. 

Over-the-toilet storage is a great option because it’s space-saving, affordable, and easy to install. Some units don’t even require you to drill anything into the wall. Their installation is simple, which is great if you’re renting a place or moving out soon. You can remove your storage unit before you leave and no one will know the difference.  

Over-the-toilet storage is also versatile. It has multiple functions. You can use it in a guest room, a powder room, or a child’s bathroom. If you have more than one kid, you can even consider giving them their own baskets for their personal items. When it comes to over-the-toilet storage, you can use it to fulfill any function.

Where To Buy Over The Toilet Storage

If you’re going to add more storage to your bathroom, then you should make sure to shop at a store you can trust. Some of your best options are Ikea and Home Depot. You can also go to Pottery Barn and Bed, Bath and Beyond for sleek, stylish ladder shelves and mounted cabinets. Then, for more affordable options, you can search through Walmart, Amazon, and Target. They all have a wide array of options, ranging from floating shelves to standing shelves, so you can find something that fits your bathroom and your budget.

Over The Toilet Storage Ideas 

If you’re going to add storage to your bathroom, you might as well do it with style. You want to make sure whatever products you choose match your existing bathroom perfectly. You want to make sure they aren’t just functional but are also fashionable. Here are some of the best toilet storage ideas you might want to add to your own home:

Wooden Storage Cabinet

Wooden storage cabinets are a great addition to small bathrooms and powder rooms. They are built to fit perfectly over most toilets and toilet tanks. The best part is that they don’t require you to drill into the wall. You can simply construct them, place them over your toilet, and remove them whenever you need a change. Storage cabinets typically have windowpane-styled doors and shelves for little toilet necessities or bathroom knickknacks. You have plenty of choices when it comes to color, height, and style.

Ladder Shelf

Ladder shelves have numerous shelves that can fit towels, plants, makeup brushes, and even storage baskets. They’re a useful addition to more rustic bathrooms that want a homey, comfortable feel. You can find ladder shelves with various shelf options and wood types and whether if they're painted or not. There are tons of options out there that can fit your style preferences1 

Open Shelving 

Open shelving is one of your best options for powder rooms, guest bathrooms, or kid bathrooms. They can carry individual, decorative baskets for each member of the family, or they can hold extra toilet paper, hand towels, jars with Q-tips, and plants to touch up the color of the shelves. It doesn’t matter how you’re planning on using your storage space, because open shelving is versatile. You can purchase industrial shelves or sleek floating shelf designs. You have endless options. Wall shelves or floating shelves are great for modern, traditional or farmhouse styled bathrooms. 

DIY Over The Toilet Shelving

Hanging shelves are a trendy addition to any bathroom. If you don’t want to head to the store to buy shelving, there are a few simple DIY projects you can complete on your own, such as constructing industrial pipe shelves or leather hanging shelves. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create them yourself:

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves

If you want to create two industrial pipe shelves, you are going to need to start by gathering your supplies. You will need (2) ¾” black iron pipes at 10” length, (2) ¾” pipe caps, (2) ¾” flanges, and (1) 2x10 slab of wood. The latter will work as your shelf, so you should cut it to your desired length. Then you will need to spray paint primer and spray paint. You must paint and seal your shelves or else they will rust over time! 

Your first step is to figure out where you want the shelves to be, height-wise, and make markings on your walls. Once you know that your markings are level, insert anchors inside and hang the flange. Then you can screw metal pipes on to the flange and attach pipe caps to the end of the metal pipes. Once that is complete, you can paint or stain your wood to your liking. Finally, put the 2x10 shelf on top of the pipes and you’re ready to use your new shelves.

DIY Leather Hanging Shelves

This type of shelving is more decorative than practical. It is meant to hold lighter bathroom products, such as makeup brushes, extra toilet paper, candles, or plants. To create these stylish shelves, you are going to need the following supplies: a plank of wood, a staple gun, a leather strap, a leather hole punch, and scissors.

First, you should cut two lengths of leather. Then, using the leather hole punch, you should make two holes on either end of the leather strap. After that, you can use the staple gun to attach the leather to the wood. Finally, measure the length on the wall and mark it before drilling nails into the walls. When you’re finished, you can hang up your new shelves!

Storage Ideas For Your Inspiration 

No matter what size your home is, you can always use more storage. If you’re interested in adding an extra unit over your toilet, here are a few ideas to inspire your bathroom design:

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A post shared by sarah beckler (@sarahbbeckler) on Jan 13, 2020 at 3:30am PST

These gorgeous, wooden floating shelves are an excellent addition to this small bathroom. Although they are tiny, they can store useful items, like Q-tips and a basket filled with towels -- and they are also able to hold decorative elements like plants and a picture frame. This bathroom proves two small shelves can make a massive difference.

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A post shared by Bison Build Co. (@bisonbuildco) on Oct 29, 2019 at 8:33pm PDT

This handmade, wooden ladder shelf doesn’t require any installation. It simply leans against the bathroom wall. Even though it’s easy to place above the toilet, it looks stunning and can hold a wide variety of items that are both practical and decorative.

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A post shared by J A C L Y N and K A T Y (@violets_and_lilacs) on Feb 4, 2020 at 6:30pm PST

Although this bathroom is small, it doesn’t feel small, because it makes good use of wall space. The vintage, brass wall shelf hanging over the toilet is not only decorative, but it is also functional. It provides extra space for toilet paper and toothbrushes without creating a cluttered mess on the countertops. With its multiple shelves and beautiful brass finish, it is both practical and pretty.

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A post shared by Potomac Overlook Farms (@potomacoverlookfarms) on Feb 28, 2020 at 9:39am PST

This bathroom makes the most of every inch of wall space. The mounted cabinet over the toilet provides plenty of room to store makeup, hair, and feminine products. Plus, it’s much easier to keep the floors clean with a mounted cabinet than with a standing cabinet. It also frees up more room and creates the illusion of more space.

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A post shared by tiffany meiter (@chasingclutter) on Feb 24, 2020 at 2:01pm PST

When it comes to storage, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix and match. Instead of simply placing a basket on your toilet tank, you can hang shelves so you can store even more baskets. That way, you can keep all of your belongings organized, but they will be hidden from sight to reduce clutter.  

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A post shared by Kitchen Design Concepts (@kdconcepts) on Feb 17, 2020 at 11:50am PST

This bathroom, with its two floating wooden shelves, is a reminder that you can choose any size shelves that you need for your particular bathroom. They can be as long and wide as you want to fit as many items as you want. Choose whatever works the best for your specific bathroom.

Whether you’re decorating a powder room or a master bathroom, over-the-toilet storage is an excellent addition to your home. It will make any bathroom feel more spacious, accessible, and stylish.