4 Best Tiny House Kitchen Sinks You Can Buy Today

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When constructing your own tiny home, there are so many details you have to be conscious of. Space is limited, and interior real estate is something you truly have to strategize. It’s no longer sufficient to just stop by your local department store and pick up the appliances you need. When you’re building a tiny home, you have to think through every space-saving detail, particularly when it comes to large ticket items like your sink.

Your sink is an integral part of your home, no matter the size. It’s where you wash your hands, prepare food, get water supply and a myriad of other tasks. It is important that your sink is, beyond anything else, functional. Your time in a tiny home will be limited if you aren’t able to at least somewhat comfortably survive in there, and that’s something you have to keep in mind during the entire construction process.

When it comes to a tiny house kitchen sink, there are many different options on the market, as well as some you’ll want to be sure to avoid. Here’s a breakdown of how to choose the right one.

Are Tiny House Kitchen Sinks Different From Regular Kitchen Sinks?

To put it shortly, yes. When you’re choosing a tiny house kitchen sink, you have a much smaller space to work with than a traditional kitchen sink. You also have to take into account water lines, and whether or not you will have them. If so, that will require an additional layer of construction, whereas not having running water in your tiny home takes “off-grid” living to another level.

What you’re looking for is the following:

  • A sink that’s small enough to fit into your kitchen space.
  • A sink that’s still large enough to complete basic tasks.
  • A sink that does not require complicated installation (such as a drop-in, or farm sink)
  • A sink that still meets your style preferences

What Sinks Should I Avoid?

When choosing your tiny home kitchen sink, you should generally steer clear of apron front, dual-mount and some undermount sinks. This is because apron front sinks require more space, as do dual-mounts. Undermount sinks will actually require you to place the sink in first and could take up more space underneath, which could otherwise be utilized for storage.

When considering your tiny house kitchen sink, remember that you want to envision the entire space together. No longer will it suffice to just imagine the style of sink you prefer, you need to take into account the space it takes up as a whole, and its functionality as well.

What Types Of Sinks Are Good To Use?

Generally speaking, many people choose bar and prep sinks for their tiny homes, given their size (typically smaller, or at least available in smaller sizes) as well as their feasibility of withstanding a weak countertop. Drop-in sinks are your best option for tiny homes, as they are the least complicated to install.

Bar and prep sinks also offer built-in shelf space on which you can organize things and prepare food. That workspace often comes in handy for a tiny home kitchen.