Introducing: Robern Curated Cartesian Vanities

Upgrade your bathroom medicine cabinet and vanity area with this Curated Cartesian Vanity from Robern. It's sleek, clean, and luxurious. What's not to like?

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Robern Vanities make it easy to find the perfect vanity for your needs. For modern design enthusiasts, Robern has introduced the Cartesian curated vanity collection. Based on a modular concept, the Cartesian Vanity Collection takes some of the guesswork out of shopping for your new vanity. In a nutshell, Robern has designed floating vanity components that fit together to make the best configuration for your space.


Two details - built-in storage and optional night light - make the Cartesian line especially attractive. Not only can you stay organized so morning routines run more smoothly, but you can also eliminate stubbed toes and glaring overhead lights during late-night bathroom runs.


Additionally, the Cartesian collection comes with an engineered stone top and rectangular, under-mount sink. Certain color combinations have been paired for you already, whittling down your "to-do" list even further.


Robern's 30-inch single drawer vanity provides an amazing amount of storage thanks to a drawer kit and plenty of deck space.


The 2-drawer vanity doubles your storage, providing an organization kit in each drawer with adjustable dividers for truly customizable solutions.


One of the most noteworthy design elements Robern chose is the use of glass on the body of the vanity instead of the top. Additionally, vanity cabinets are constructed primarily of aluminum which dials up the modern flair of the Cartesian Vanity Collection.


Central components of the Cartesian collection range from 24 to 36 inches and double configurations can be created by pairing vanity units with single drawer pieces. Robern Cartesian Vanity prices range from $1,200 for a single drawer unit without a sink to $8,500 for a 36-inch, 3-drawer vanity with a top and a sink.

Robern Cartesian Vanity Inspiration

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Update your vanity to one from Robern's Cartesian Collection. Not only does it look and feel modern, but it's a great addition to any space, especially if you already have other high-tech products in your bathroom (like a smart shower or LED showerhead).