10+ Best Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Products, Ideas & Inspiration

Who doesn't love the mid-century modern style? Here is a guide to renovate your kitchen space, including products to purchase, inspiration, insights, and more.

10+ Best Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Products, Ideas & Inspiration - Kohler Evoke Polished Chrome Pull-Out Kitchen Sink Faucet 10+ Best Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Products, Ideas & Inspiration - Kohler Evoke Polished Chrome Pull-Out Kitchen Sink Faucet
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Like anything, trends tend to come in cycles. What was out of fashion one decade will eventually find its way back into the pages of your favorite style magazines. Right now, that’s what’s happening with Mid-Century Modern design.

This eclectic yet classic style bridges sturdy, traditional furniture pieces with rounded, unique, and vintage designs. Generally referring to products made in the United States between 1933 and the late 1960s (though some shorten that range to right about through the 50s), the Mid-Century Modern styles that you’re going to find lining the walls of your favorite home-improvement stores take inspiration from a few different decades.

Some people attribute the term “Mid-Century Modern” to the author Cara Greenberg, who in 1984 titled a design book Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s. The year prior, Greenberg had written an article for Metropolitan Home Magazine talking about furniture from a few decades ago and then got the idea to write a book about it, thus coining the term. Later, The New York Times confirmed that Greenberg was onto something, and Mid-Century Modern as we know it today — vintage, yet timeless — was born.

Mid-Century design was largely forged by a few famous architects and designers, one, in particular, being Frank Lloyd Wright. As the Smithsonian noted, Wright committed his career to marrying efficiency and simplicity, two of the trademarks of the style. As a designer, he created houses that featured open floor plans, streamlined kitchens, and large windows, brought together by hints of nature, all of which are still emulated in designs today.

In the last few years, Mid-Century design has been highlighted again through television shows such as Mad Men, and many manufacturers are including Mid-Century as a staple in their product lineup.

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What is Mid-Century Modern Style?

If you’re still not clear on what classifies something as Mid-Century Modern, understanding the style profile will probably help you identify items that are Mid-Century Modern and piece them together more efficiently in your home.

Mid-Century pieces include sharp, clean lines. They are minimalistic, often include subdued colors, classic Bauhaus intricacies, and a 50s or 60s touch. Many Mid-Century furniture pieces are made of medium-colored woods, featuring smooth tops and rounded edges, splayed feet and legs, and gold brushed hardware. Another trait of Mid-Century pieces is that they are often heavy and distinctly sturdy.

Many modern Mid-Century homes will combine the style with other trendy pieces, such as Industrial or minimalistic. One popular combination is bright white walls and spaces (perhaps even brick, or another texture), wooden furniture, and plant life as decoration.

However, when it comes to making the perfect Mid-Century kitchen, the standards are a bit specific. If you’re looking to create a Mid-Century space on your own, you’re going to have to get clear on exactly which products align with the style. That’s why we selected our favorite Mid-Century faucets, sinks, pendants, and other features that will help make your home look as elegant and classic as you dream.

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Mid-Century Modern Sinks

When it comes to choosing a Mid-Century sink, remember that despite modern trends, Mid-Century design did not use farmhouse style sinks, nor sinks with exposed features. (This does not mean that you can’t use one of these, but if you want to keep with the style, it’s best not to.)

The best Mid-Century sinks will involve under mounts or a bar-style sink. This depends on the placement of the sink on your countertop and how much space you need to occupy.

Mid-Century Modern Pendants

When it comes to lighting pendants, it’s all about maintaining the brass and gold colors and focusing on simplistic, small designs with eclectic touches. You’ve probably seen Mid-Century lighting fixtures in old-time cafés, or at least in some trendy restaurants now. Think of gold hardware, large, single milky bulbs, and angular fixtures.

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What You Need To Create A Mid-Century Kitchen

Need a bit of guidance on what you'll need to create your mid-century modern kitchen? Here is some insight and options for your kitchen: 

Kohler Executive Chef 33" Under Mount Kitchen Sink 

The under mount or drop-in style sink is what you should be aiming for, for your kitchen sink. This 33" double basin bowl from Kohler is offered in various finishes, but if you want it to match either a chrome or brass faucet finish, consider the white enamel look. 

Kohler Prolific 44" Under Mount Kitchen Sink

Who doesn't love the look of stainless steel? This large single bowl from Kohler, and its grated racks are great if you want a generous workspace in your kitchen. It can pair well with a chrome or stainless steel faucet, so if you're looking for a modern, sleek look in your kitchen, this is the sink for you. 

Delta Cassidy Two-Handle Faucet With Spray

Go for the gold! Or stainless steel. Or chrome. Depending on the finish you choose, this faucet can pair well with the rest of your kitchen design, including the appliances and hardware. The bridge style is sleek and trendy and, with the double handles and spray feature, it's a great update to your current kitchen faucet.

Zurich 6-Light Aged Bronze Pendant With Wood Accents 

Consider hanging this Home Depot wood-accented light pendant above your dining room table. This contemporary pendant has rectangular wood elements and an adjustable hanging length. Coordination is key, so consider investing in this light to match with the rest of your rustic, mid-century modern kitchen design. 

Cordelia Solid Wood Dining Table 

This all-wood dining table from All Modern is a must need for your dining room set up. The oval shape on the top is made from a veneered wood and the geometric legs are made from solid wood. Offered in various finishes, including oak, walnut, and black, this dining room table can seat up to 6 people, which is good if you have a decent-sized family! 

Kurt Solid Wood Dining Chair 

This All Modern solid wood dining chair pairs well with the Cordelia table because of its size and style. This sleek, modern design comes in a set of two chairs. You can customize the parts of the chair to be colored to your liking; style the upholstery, frame, and leg in various colors, including black, white, gray, and natural wood. 

Jensen Round Dining Table  

West Elm has a number of dining tables to choose from, including this retro-inspired Jensen round table. The walnut-stained solid wood legs and clear glass top gives off a sleek, mid-century feel to any modern kitchen space. It's a great addition to a small kitchen, too! 

Mid-Century Leather Dining Chair

With the wide seat and sloping back, this mid-century leather dining chair from West Elm pairs well with the West Elm Jensen round table (mentioned above). The aniline-dyed leather upholstery is matched with solid wood legs, that could be finished in either a Pecan or Dark Walnut shade. 

Bar Cart 

If you're familiar with the look of the '50s and '60s styled kitchens, you know that they typically had a bar cart in the room somewhere. This wooden bar cart from West Elm has wheels, two shelves, and antique brass rails. The wood is made from kiln-dried eucalyptus wood and offered with a water-based Walnut finish. The best part about this bar cart is that it's sustainably sourced, eco-friendly, and supports forests worldwide (it's FSC verified).

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Making a Mid-Century Moodboard

Before you dive into working on your space, it’s really important to get clear on what you want the finished product to look like. This is why it’s so crucial to create a mood board or at least a plan for what you want to do. This is especially true if you’re working with a partner or team.

You might want to consider collecting images of the kitchens of other people who were inspired by Mid-Century design as well. You can scour social media sites such as Pinterest and utilize hashtags. At the very least, compile photos of all the products, furniture pieces, and appliances that you’re going to be using, and make sure that they work together.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Inspiration 

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Consider the little things--like the faucet, the sink, the lighting--and make sure it matches with the table and chairs you pick out. Do some research on Mid-Century interior design and see how you can modernize it, with the help of Pinterest mood boards. The trend of a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen might come and go, but if you're one for sticking with trends long after they're "out of style," we hope this guide will help you create the kitchen space you're aiming for.