Best Marble Bathroom Sinks & Accessories To Add A Touch Of Luxury

Marble is trendy, luxurious, and sleek. Here's what you need to know about marble and how you can add a touch of luxury to any space.

Best Marble Bathroom Sinks & Accessories To Add A Touch Of Luxury - Kohler Botticelli Marble Vessel Sink Best Marble Bathroom Sinks & Accessories To Add A Touch Of Luxury - Kohler Botticelli Marble Vessel Sink
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When it comes to adding durability and luxury to your home, not to mention timeless design, there's no material better than marble. Whether you're using the stone for a countertop, bathtub, walls or even just accessorizing, there are so many ways to incorporate marble into your home and bathroom design. 

Marble is a metamorphic stone that is created when limestone is pressurized for extended periods of time. The use of it in home building and design can be traced back to ancient Rome and Greece, where major structures incorporated marble in everything from their sculptures to pillars. In other cases, marble was used for flooring. 

Though we typically think of marble as just being white or slightly translucent--as these are the most readily available options on the market--there are various colors including reds, greens, and yellows. Traditionally, these were all utilized in the design, however, it's more common now to stick to just white marble.

If you're interested in adding marble to your bathroom, there are many ways to incorporate it. However, if a full countertop, floor or even bathroom wall tile is either not within your budget or you're not looking to do a complete renovation, you can also add marble accessories to your bathroom to add that touch of luxury you desire. 

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What To Consider Before You Add Marble To Your Bathroom

If you're going to add marble accessories to your bathroom, remember that the rest of your design needs to coordinate as well. Marble tends to look best next to polished wood, earth tones, and gold accessories. Though you can undoubtedly incorporate marble accessories into any bathroom design given that it is neutral-colored, it tends to look best with sleeker materials, as opposed to rustic, but of course, you can do whatever you like best. 

Marble is easy to care for and generally withstands years of use without any signs of wear. It adds re-sell value to your home, a touch of luxury for visitors or prospective buyers, and ages well in terms of trendiness. 

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Why You Should Add Marble To Your Bathroom

Whether you're adding new tiles or countertops or just a few new accessories, there are multiple benefits to incorporating the stone into your home. Here are some of the most notable: 

Marble Is Timeless

When it comes to choosing materials that will not only age well but offer a classic, timeless luxury, marble is second-to-none. Since ancient times, marble has been associated with abundance and beauty. Marble is one of the few materials that has withstood centuries and generations and remains one of the most recognizable and coveted today. 

It's Versatile 

Though there are some designs that fit better with marble, overall, it's really easy to adjust your design or color scheme to fit with marble, given that it's neutral and can be incorporated into almost any style. 

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Marble Increases Your Property Value 

Though this wouldn't be the case if you're just adding some accessories to your bathroom, high-end materials like marble increase the resale value of your home, which is important to keep in mind if you're interested in selling somewhere down the line. Increasing your resale value means you're getting the most out of your investment. Though it's sometimes a wash when you incorporate trendy materials into your home (they may be outdated by the time you sell) you shouldn't have that issue with marble. 

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It's Generally Seen As Luxurious

If you're looking to make your home more desirable to prospective buyers, or at the very least, a more relaxing or luxurious place to be, marble is generally universally seen as a high-end, upscale addition. 

It's Easy To Maintain

Marble is polished, non-porous, and if the ancient Roman columns didn't convince you, take it from us that it will truly last forever. It's easy to clean, but beyond that, it's also generally scratch and chip resistant in a way that other stones and materials (especially woods and granites) are not. 

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Your bathroom should be a clean and serene space, a place where you can go and relax after a long day. Updating your bathroom to marble-everything (or almost-everything) will not only make the room sleek and luxurious but also clean (because it's so easy to maintain). Remember: if you choose marble somewhere in your bathroom, the rest of the design should coordinate. If you want a marble sink and countertop, pair it with gold accessories. If your walls are painted black or a pastel color, pair it with marble accessories or a gold countertop. Add that touch of luxury to your space.