Laundry Sinks

Long-Lasting Shine

Upgrade your laundry room with our stylish and practical collection of utility sinks. From wall-mount and drop-in installations to complementing faucets with handy pail hooks and pullout sprays, find the best setup for your space.

Laundry Sinks | Hausera | Hausera

Laundry rooms have a way of inevitably becoming the go-to spot for messy situations. Add some luster to one of the hardest-working rooms in your home with a laundry sink or utility sink selected from our vast collection offering a variety of styles to suit your space. The single-basin sinks are all crafted with premium materials and come in a spectrum of hard-wearing finishes. Stainless Steel construction is ideal for heavy use given its durability and corrosion-resistant properties, while a cast-iron sink makes for a seamless addition to a farmhouse aesthetic, especially with the enamel coating of your choice. Our sinks span different depths to fit cabinets of all sizes. Find the configuration that works for you, from a variety of installations to features such as integrated washboards and aprons. A wall-mount sink can be an efficient way to transform a small space into a utility area, whereas a an undermount sink sports a sleek finish and saves precious counter space. Our drop-in and dual-mount options work with any surface material, allowing for flexibility when you design a laundry room from scratch. Pair your sink with a coordinating faucet, available in double and single-handle configurations with an assortment of plumbing add-ons.