Kohler vs Moen: Add Luxury To Your Bathroom With A Rain Shower Head

Kohler vs Moen Add Luxury To Your Bathroom With A Rain Shower Head - kohler matte black rain shower Kohler vs Moen Add Luxury To Your Bathroom With A Rain Shower Head

Rain shower heads are such a great addition to your bathroom. Not only can they fully invigorate you at the beginning of your day, they can also provide the perfect note to send you off to bed at night. Kohler and Moen are two of the most well-known names in faucets and fixtures, and both companies offer rain shower heads that are beautiful and provide a drenching spray.

Kohler Rain Shower Heads

Kohler rain shower heads range from eight inches in diameter to a 21-inch squares, and include the Katalyst air-infused technology so you feel like you're using more than you actually do no matter which size shower head you choose. The infusion of air expands each water drop, creating a drenching spray every time you step under the water.

Each rain shower head is constructed of solid brass for both superior functionality. All that water won't damage your shower head’s interior, and will result in years of dependable use. Most Kohler rain shower heads can fit seamlessly into any style, from rustic to modern and everything in between.

Moen Rain Shower Heads

One of the best features of Moen's Velocity rain shower head — just one of a dozen the company has in its residential lineup — is that you can choose your spray. You can opt for either the traditional rain shower cascade for a relaxing soak or a more concentrated spray to get you moving. A handle located on the side gives you complete control, and you can change it up depending on your mood. Moen is also concerned about water conservation and knows that you'll want a drenching spray every time you step into your shower, so they've developed a system to make you feel more water without actually using more water. It’s called Immersion, and it’s a self-pressurizing system that pulls water into a circular motion so you get a great pressure without using too much.

Like Kohler, Moen also uses all-brass components to construct their rain shower heads, so you'll have peace of mind regarding durability.

Choosing Your Rain Shower Head

Both Kohler and Moen manufacture high quality rain shower heads that can help you put together a luxurious showering experience at nearly every price point. Where Kohler gets the nod ahead of Moen, though, is in their selection. Kohler simply offers greater variety from which to choose the perfect piece for your space.

Kohler's 8 inch shower head starts at $140 on the low end and $3,900 for a shower head that sits flush with your ceiling but has four different nozzles. Moen prices ranges start at $168 on the low end for a stationary, 7 inch rain shower head and up to $403 for a two-function rain and rinse rain shower head.