A Celebrity Among Toilets: The Kohler Numi

A Celebrity Among Toilets The Kohler Numi in matte black finish A Celebrity Among Toilets The Kohler Numi in matte black finish

The goal of “smart” home appliances has always been to improve the most mundane tasks in our lives, and a smart toilet certainly accomplishes that goal. The Kohler Numi toilet introduces a host of new technologies specifically to make your life easier and star of your bathroom. Kohler has demonstrated that smart toilets are the way of the future with their flagship product: the Numi smart toilet. But don’t just take our word for it; celebrities like Bryan Cranston are fans of the Numi as well:

The Star Power of Numi

The Numi is packed with luxurious features you'll love immediately:

Automatic Opening & Flushing - The Numi’s location sensor will automatically open the lid when you approach and lift the seat when you stand in front of it. And when you’ve finished, the Numi will automatically close the lid and flush when you leave.

Bidet - The Numi washes and dries the user via a wand that sprays water or blows air based on a number of customizable settings.

Eco Flush - Save water with “eco flush.” The Numi automatically uses the water-efficient eco flush mode when the toilet is used from a standing position and can be programmed to flush according to your preferences.

Music - No smart toilet would be complete without tunes. The Numi allows you to program up to four FM Radio stations as well as connect an MP3 player via bluetooth or auxiliary cord for even more musical options.

Lighting - Stumble around in the dark no longer. The Numi senses your presence in the dark and provides a soothing light to guide you.

Heating - Every Numi seat can be heated to your comfort; it even includes warm blowers that will keep your feet cozy.

Multi-User Preferences - Have multiple people in the house? The Numi’s customization settings allow for up to six people to set their own preferences.

Kohler Konnect

The newest Numi feature is integration with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, so you can control your bathroom fixtures with your voice for completely hands-free operation.

Kohler Konnect voice control and hands-free sensors are an awesome feature not just for the Numi toilet but for many of the company’s other smart products as well.

There is no doubt that the Numi smart toilet makes the user experience more personalized and comfortable and is also an exciting peek into the future of smart bathroom technology.

Shop for the Numi toilet and other products featuring Kohler Konnect and let us know your favorite Numi feature in the comments below.