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Beverage Faucets: For Water on Demand

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A convenient update to any kitchen, a beverage faucet makes everyday tasks effortless. Find a water filtration faucet with Triflow Technology—they contain water filter cartridges that leave you with clean drinking water. These drinking water faucet accessories eliminate substances such as lead and bacteria through a complex filtering system, while ensuring important minerals like magnesium and calcium remain. Without heavy metals contaminating the water, you can enjoy a purified, crisp-tasting drink. When it’s steaming water you're after, an instant hot water dispenser can deliver near-boiling water on demand—up to 60 cups an hour in some models. Not only are these systems super convenient, but a hot and cold water dispenser can help you save water in your home because you only use what you need. Find designs from brands such as Newport Brass and Rohl, and choose a finish to match your interior, from classic Polished Chrome to statement shades like Brushed Bronze.