Two Handle Kitchen Faucets

Lend a practical touch to your kitchen design with a double handle kitchen faucet

Two Handle Kitchen Faucets | Hausera | Hausera

This selection embodies the beautiful symmetry of a two handle kitchen faucet. Look out for high-impact bridge styles, with pared-back pieces channeling industrial chic, and detailed designs with charming cross handles capturing a traditional vibe. There are also many installation options to choose from, with one hole, two hole and three hole kitchen faucets available. Opt for a double handle kitchen faucet to have further control over water temperature and flow. For easy installation, choose a design that combines the taps and spout into one fixture. Complement your kitchen with one of many sleek finishes, from French Gold to Satin Nickel. Corresponding sidesprays come with a hold-down trigger or button that affords you extra control over where the water goes. These designs are incredibly useful for reaching every corner of awkwardly shaped pots and pans. They create a high-pressure jet of water that can be directed onto tough spots. Some designs also have a gentler aerated spray setting that's ideal for washing soft food items, like fruit and seafood.