Single Handle Kitchen Faucets

Versatile Faucets That Simplify Cleaning

Upgrade your kitchen fixtures with a single handle kitchen faucet. From simple and subtle to bold and architectural, there's an innovative design to suit your home.

Single Handle Kitchen Faucets | Hausera | Hausera

Single handle kitchen faucet designs exude elegant simplicity. They're easy to flick on to your desired temperature with an arm or elbow if your hands are full. Pair these features with a sidespray, and you'll add convenience and versatility to your kitchen arsenal. Our collection includes single handle kitchen faucets featuring multiple capabilities—create a high-pressure jet of water as well as a softer aerated spray for more delicate cleaning tasks. Look out for one handle kitchen faucet styles from brands like Kohler, Delta, and Brizo that span modern, contemporary and vintage-inspired aesthetics. A single hole kitchen faucet has an uncluttered look, and its all-in-one design allows for quick and easy cleaning. Make sure you opt for a style with a matching escutcheon if you're replacing a three-hole faucet. Alternatively, a single handle wall mount kitchen faucet allows for extra space around your kitchen sink, makes cleanup easy and offers show-stopping style.