4 Hole Kitchen Faucets

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For added functionality, choose a kitchen faucet for your sink or countertop with four holes for installation. Choose from a wide selection of options, including useful accessories such as a matching sidespray or soap dispenser. A sidespray delivers a powerful jet of water, allowing you to carry out up-close cleaning tasks with ease. With an impressive choice of styles, you can find the piece to complement your current kitchen design. Go for a classic double-handle bridge faucet or choose an elegant single column with two independent blade handles. Independent handles mean there’s no need to reach under the faucet to adjust the temperature. Many faucets have different handle options too, from metal levers to cross handles to clear knobs. Looking for additional function? Waterstone four-hole kitchen faucets come with an air switch, which is a convenient alternative to a wall switch for your garbage disposal. Some items also include a single-port air gap to prevent dirty drain water from the sink backing up. For the final touch, select your preferred finish from over twenty options. Choose Polished Chrome for brightness, Antique Brass for an old-world look, or Stainless Steel for easy maintenance.