Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucets

Create a restaurant-quality kitchen with a pre-rinse faucet

Like the designs seen in professional kitchens, these pre-rinse faucets can bring efficiency and functionality to your home. Find an eclectic assortment made up of different design styles and finishes.

Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucets | Hausera | Hausera

Most avid cooks will agree that cleaning up is their least favorite task, but with a pre rinse kitchen faucet, this once-laborious task becomes super-quick and efficient. Often seen in restaurant kitchens, these faucets are ideal for quickly cleaning large amounts of dishes—perfect if you regularly entertain. They deliver a powerful spray that quickly washes away mess, while the highly durable spring mechanisms allow for easy maneuver of the spout. These faucets are usually much taller than conventional kitchen faucets, and can provide a statement centerpiece to your kitchen. If you have limited space, opt for a wall mount pre rinse faucet. You can expect to find contemporary silhouettes with minimalist curving spouts, as well as more traditional designs that combine a conventional faucet with a spray head suspended from a hook. After a vintage vibe? Find pre-rinse faucets with traditional pulley systems, which can lend an old-world charm to your kitchen. Unique design is combined with quality in this category—find premium materials such as brass, as well as corrosion and tarnish-resistant finishes.