Bridge Kitchen Faucets

Characterful Faucets Designed To Create Impact

The stunning symmetry of a two handle bridge kitchen faucet lends undeniable style to your space. Our collection includes a variety of traditional and modern styles, including those with functional additions like side sprays.

Bridge Kitchen Faucets | Hausera | Hausera

A bridge kitchen faucet exudes plenty of character, creating a stunning focal point with its bold, confident shape. Many of these designs coordinate particularly well in kitchens inspired by traditional or vintage-inspired design, since they feature highly decorative elements that will enhance your countertop. With plenty of options from brands like Barclay, Brizo, and Kohler, there's a design to suit your desired look and functional requirements. Two-handle bridge kitchen faucets offer greater control over your water flow, allowing you to be precise about temperature. Opt for lever handles if you'd like to be able to turn your faucet on and off with the nudge of a wrist or elbow when your hands are full. Look out for a bridge faucet with sprayer to give you a little extra help with cleaning. These designs allow you to spray a jet of water exactly where you need it to go, and some offer multiple flow settings for different tasks.