Luxury Bathroom Faucets: KALLISTA vs Brizo

Let's talk about two luxurious bathroom faucets and their brands: KALLISTA and Brizo. Who's better? Should you invest in one? We're here to give you some insight about it all.

Luxury Bathroom Faucets: KALLISTA vs Brizo modern bathroom faucets Luxury Bathroom Faucets: KALLISTA vs Brizo modern bathroom faucets
The Hausera Editorial Team

If you’re interested in updating your bathroom with high-end products, then you should consider purchasing faucets from either KALLISTA or Brizo. Both are well-known, respected brands because of their beautifully designed faucets that feature superior functionality and reliability. Although there are many similarities between the two lines, it’s important to know their differences so you can make an informed decision about which products to add to your home.


KALLISTA was established in 1979 in San Francisco by Anthony Pontin and Norman Bell. They were acquired by Kohler a decade later and are now known as an upscale designer bath wares company. However, KALLISTA is not part of Kohler’s Kitchen & Bath Group. They belong to the Kohler Interior Group along with Ann Sacks Tile and Stone.

KALLISTA has become such a big name because it utilizes the talents of artists and architects, such as Laura Kirar, an interior designer whose work has been featured in Time Magazine. They also work with Barbara Barry, who uses minimalistic principles in her collections, and Bjark Ingels, an architect who combines architectural elements with a distinctive urban feel. 

Due to their unique designs and excellent craftsmanship, KALLISTA caters to interior decorators, kitchen designers, and bath designers. Their faucets, sinks, showers, and accessories aren’t available for consumers to purchase online through Amazon or Wayfair. They are exclusively sold by decorative plumbing showrooms and through interior decorators.

Even though it’s harder to get ahold of KALLISTA products, the exclusivity (along with their wide range of options) guarantees you won’t have the same bathroom as anyone else in the neighborhood. Their products are available in sixteen finishes, which can also be applied to towel bars and tissue holders and robe hooks for an integrated look. Their products are also capable of being extensively customized with semi-precious stones embedded in the faucet. Customization can take weeks, but it can provide a consumer with a specialized product that isn’t available anywhere else.

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What Is KALLISTA’s Warranty?

All KALLISTA products have a five-year limited warranty unless otherwise noted. They guarantee their products will be free of defects in both material and workmanship for five years from the installation date. 

Although KALLISTA will repair and replace items, they are not responsible for removal or installation costs. They are also not responsible for damages due to improper handling or wear and tear over time like gloss reduction or scratching.

In addition, the warranty will be void if the damage is due to improper care not in accordance with their cleaning instructions. Their website has instructions on how to clean each type of item based on its finish. For instance, abrasive cleaners shouldn’t be used on chrome, nickel, bronze, or unlacquered brass. Each product has its own specific instructions, so make sure you follow them in order to avoid any unnecessary damage that is not covered under the warranty.

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Who Is Brizo?

Brizo is a fashion-forward company that offers high-end collections for the kitchen, bath, and shower. They test the limits on design and innovation by creating luxury fittings that complete rooms and inspire spaces. Brizo considers the items in each of their collections more than just products. They’re pieces of art, and like art, they sign their work with a personalization: By Brizo.

Like, KALLISTA, Brizo products are not available to purchase through Amazon, Wayfair, or any other online retailer. They are sold exclusively in showrooms. This gives customers a chance to view the products up close so they can see the meticulous attention to detail that goes into the handcrafting of each faucet.

Brizo is highly selective about the products they offer customers – and about the designers, they choose to work alongside in order to create those products. They are the primary sponsor of Jason Wu, a renowned fashion designer. They have collaborated on an innovative project and now offer a Jason Wu for Brizo collection which contains drawer knobs, towel bars, soap pumps, showerheads, and faucets. His expertise and passion for shapes have helped create bathroom products that meld together fashion and function. 

Brizo is also a national sponsor of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Dream Home Giveaway. This is because they pride themselves on more than improving rooms. They also improve communities.

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What Is The Brizo Warranty Details?

With proof of purchase, Kitchen & Bath Company will repair or replace damaged products free of charge during the applicable warranty period. If a repair or replacement is not practical, they may elect to refund the purchase price in exchange for the return of the product. 

Everything sold by Brizo (with the exception of electronic parts) comes with a warranty that lasts as long as the original purchaser owns the home in which the faucet was first installed. Or, for commercial users, the warranty lasts within five years from the date of purchase.

Meanwhile, electronic parts are warranted for five years from the date of purchase for homeowners and one year for commercial users. However, there is no warranty on batteries. Labor charges are not covered, either, although Brizo recommends using a professional plumber and using only genuine Brizo replacement parts.

Brizo also recommends following the cleaning instructions for each individual product because reasonable wear and tear is not covered under their warranty. Neglect, improper care, and inability to follow cleaning instructions are not covered either. It’s their responsibility to create sleek, innovative products and your responsibility to preserve those products.

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Which Should I Get? KALLISTA Or Brizo?

KALLISTA and Brizo are both respected brands that produce high-end, durable faucets. While they have many similarities, there are a few key differences that can help you decide which brand is better for your own home. 

KALLISTA makes a number of extremely unique faucets that you aren’t going to find anywhere else, such as the “Kallista Grid Bathroom Faucet.” This faucet has simple geometric shapes and cutting-edge design. Meanwhile, Brizo makes faucets that you might normally expect to find within an updated home.

Overall, KALLISTA is your best option if you’re trying to create a bathroom with a more industrial look. Meanwhile, Brizo is better suited for transitional style homes because they mash together traditional and contemporary elements with their style – and their functions. For instance, Brizo has Smart Touch technology that allows you to operate fixtures with the wave of your hand. 

When you’re trying to decide between brands, another factor you might want to consider is price. Even though they’re both high-quality, there is a significant difference between the two brands. KALLISTA bathroom faucets range from $750 to almost $2,000. Meanwhile, Brizo faucets are much more affordable. Their average pricing falls between $350 and $750. That means Brizo is a better option for anyone looking to save money but KALLISTA is a better option for anyone looking to customize the fine details of their bathroom.

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In the end, though there are a number of faucets and finishes to choose from, especially from KALLISTA and Brizo, you should select whatever works best for the personal aesthetic of your home, your families’ specific needs, and your household budget. Both brands are well-known for a reason, so it doesn’t matter whether you choose to furnish your bathroom with faucets from KALLISTA or Brizo. Either way, you’re going to end up installing a high-quality, high-end faucet that enhances the look of your bathroom.