The Benefits Of An Undermount Bathroom Sink

Undermount sinks: what's so great about them? Let's talk about the pros of having this kind of sink in your bathroom.

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The Hausera Editorial Team

With so much going on in your bathroom every day, do you really need to spend extra time on tasks that just get in the way? You might be surprised to learn that the installation you choose for your bathroom sink - undermount, drop-in, or vessel - can have a significant impact on your daily routine. In addition to installation, your bathroom sink choice will come down to a number of factors: style, color, and shape. Let's talk about why an under mount bathroom sink makes so much sense.

Easy to Clean

When you choose an undermount bathroom sink, your vanity top smoothly transitions into the bowl of the sink. Because your countertop will typically overlap your sink by a few millimeters, you can easily sweep anything from around it into the sink. You won't have an edge where unwanted dirt and grime can collect, making daily maintenance and weekly cleaning quick and straightforward.

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More Counter Space

An undermount sink allows the vanity top to extend to the edge of the basin, giving you extra counter space, where a drop-in sink - because it requires room for the edge of the sink to overlap the countertop - takes up more real estate. An under mount bathroom sink can come in especially handy when space is already at a premium.

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Upscale Look

The unobstructed surface of bathroom vanity with an undermount sink minimizes the view of the basin, giving the space a rich, elegant aesthetic so you can show off your beautiful new countertop. More, an under mount bathroom sink provides an expansive appearance that makes the area look larger, too. 

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Undermount Sink Options You Can Buy Today 

Kohler Tahoe 20"

If you're looking for a classic, simple sink to install to the counter in your bathroom, consider this Tahoe 20" undermount sink from Kohler. While the three holes for a faucet and the cast iron material are durable and reliable, the square design and white finish are clean and timeless. This sink is a must-have for your bathroom.

Kohler Caxton 19" 

Although there are no faucet holes in this Caxton 19" sink from Kohler, it is still a classic, sleek oval basin nonetheless, and for sure a sink to admire. There a number of finish colors to choose from, including white, dark gray, biscuit, and matte black, so no matter what the decor and design of your bathroom, this will be sure to fit right in. 

Deciding on a sink for your bathroom space can be tricky, especially if you don't know which materials or brands are best. There are so many pros and cons for all of the different styles, sizes, brands, finishes, and everything else that's out there on the market. We want your bathroom renovation process to go smoothly, so we hope that our insight will help you decide on the perfect undermount sink for your space.