How to Measure a Bathtub for Replacement

How to Measure a Bathtub for Replacement - kohler bathtub How to Measure a Bathtub for Replacement - kohler bahtub

When you need to replace your bathtub, your first inclination might be to look at tub designs and layouts, but you shouldn’t do anything until you’ve measured your space. Hold off on shopping until you’re sure you know what size tub you need. Measuring a bathtub can be a bit tricky, but with a few tools you probably already have at home, you can figure out the size of your new tub quickly and begin looking for your new bathtub replacement.

How to Measure a Bathtub Replacement

Measuring bathtubs may seem simple, but they are often partially hidden under surroundings. That means you may not be able to measure the entire tub because part of it won’t be visible.

To begin, stand in front of your tub like you’re about to get in. If there are multiple entrance points, choose one. Measure your tub from lip to lip and keep the measuring tape down the center of the tub. If your tub is in an alcove, you’ll need to measure from one end of the alcove to the other.

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Tubs in a surround will need to be slightly estimated. In order to get an accurate measurement, you'd have to measure from wall stud to wall stud, but that would require demolishing your surround. Instead, estimate the lengthy by adding an inch to each side enclosed in the surrounding.

Next, measure the width of your tub from the back wall to the front with the same techniques for the length. Finally, measure the height of your tub from the floor to the top of the tub. Make sure you’re measuring from the outside of your tub, not from the inside.

Standard Bathtub Measurements

Bathtubs typically fall into certain measurement categories:

  • 30 x 60
  • 32 x 60
  • 42 x 72
  • 42 x 60
  • 27 x 54
  • 60 x 60

If you measured your tub and your measurements are different from one of the groups above by a half inch or so, it’s likely that your tub actually fits into one of the aforementioned measurements. Not every tub fits these measurements, but most will.

For example, if your tub measurements came out as 42.5-by-60.5, your tub is most likely a 42 x 60 tub.

Now that you know how to measure a bathtub, you can collect your data and begin shopping for the perfect tub replacement.