One Sink or Two Sinks in Your Master Bath

One Sink or Two Sinks in Your Master Bath - Kohler Purist Faucet and Kohler Satorial Sink with Kohler Damask Vanity One Sink or Two Sinks in Your Master Bath - Kohler Purist Faucet and Kohler Satorial Sink with Kohler Damask Vanity

You’re renovating your bathroom and you’ve come to the burning question: one sink or two sinks in the master bath? There are pros and cons to each configuration, and some bathrooms are more suited for a double vanity than others, but at the end of the day you have to make a decision that makes the most sense for you and your space.There are distinct advantages to installing a double vanity, especially if the bathroom - whether its a master bath or not - is a shared space.

Benefits of a Double Sink Vanity

No Fighting Over the Faucet

A lot of couples prefer double sinks because you get extra elbow room in the morning when you’re getting ready. You don’t have to worry about dodging toothpaste while you’re washing up or taking a subtle nudge and a nod when it's time to give up your time at the sink.

A double vanity also frees up some additional time in the morning. Since you and your partner can get ready simultaneously, your morning regiment won't gets delayed because your significant other’s routine got a little long.

Your Very Own Space

Another big plus you’ll get with a double vanity is your very own designated sink space. You can keep all your makeup and grooming supplies set out the way you like with no grumblings from your other half. On the flip side of that coin, you won’t have to deal with your partner’s belongings! If you’re the one who prefers your sink area tidy and uncluttered, you can make sure things are in order, keeping your mind at ease.


There’s no denying that a big, beautiful double vanity can be a luxury, but it is most definitely an indulgence in which you should invest. Not only can you be sure everything has its place, a gorgeous vanity is a statement piece. And, anyone who sees your updated bathroom will surely be impressed. This is a big plus for those who want to make a splash and treat themselves to a spa-like experience right at home.

Disadvantages of a Double Sink

Two of Everything

With double sinks comes two of everything else: you’ll need two faucets, two sets of plumbing, and yes, you’ll even have two messes to clean. For many, this is the biggest drawback. The price tag for double the furnishings and plumbing can be a bit of a shock, and if you’re serious about a double vanity, you’ll want to prepare yourself for when the price rises by about double as well.

Less Space for Other Amenities

A double sink vanity will take up more space than a traditional single sink, which means you may have to sacrifice some shower or tub space (or even knock a wall down) to make room for it. Thayer Hopkins, a renowned architect, mentioned that you’ll need at least six feet to comfortably install two sinks. That’s a lot of space in most bathrooms, and if you don’t have room to spare, a double vanity sink may not be the best choice for your bathroom.

A Lack of Privacy

Installing a double sink can be likened to an open-door policy on your bathroom. For some, this may not be a big deal. For others, however, the bathroom is a sacred place where only one person is allowed at a time.

When picking your new bathroom sink, deciding between one sink or two sinks in the master bath, it really comes down to what you prefer and what you have space for. Whatever you decide, there are some beautiful options out there that will make your master bathroom looking beautiful.