hansgrohe vs GROHE Rain Shower Heads

hansgrohe vs GROHE Rain Shower Heads - hansgrohe Raindance Overhead Shower hansgrohe vs GROHE Rain Shower Heads - hansgrohe Raindance Overhead Shower

hansgrohe and GROHE are two distinct brands with family ties. Hans Grohe founded hansgrohe in 1901 after inventing the shower; it was made out of tin and provided a more economical way of bathing. GROHE was established after Hans' son, Friedrich, bought a company and renamed it after himself in 1948. Both companies specialize in high-end, high-quality faucets and fixtures with a European flair, including their rain shower heads that give you a luxurious, soaking spray every time you step in the shower.

What is a Rain Shower Head?

In a nutshell, a rain shower head is a component of your shower system, most often associated with a ceiling mount configuration. Water cascades down from the nozzles to drench you in a rain-like spray from which you can step away to lather your hair, for example, before moving back under the water to rinse.

While you can install a rain shower with an arm extension to make it your primary shower head, more luxurious showers include it with a handheld unit, a stationary shower head and body sprays.

If you are considering a rain shower head and like what you see with both hansgrohe and GROHE, here are some points to consider.

Air Infusion

Both hansgrohe's Raindance and GROHE's Rainshower shower heads use air to create shower experiences that feel like you're using more water than you actually use. By infusing each water drop with air, the drops are fatter which creates the illusion of higher water usage without increasing your water bill.

Raindance operates under what hansgrohe calls RainPower technology while Rainshower utilizes DreamSpray. You can choose either the spring rain or the massage setting on either shower head, depending on what you need.

Touch Cleaning

hansgrohe and GROHE both recognize the necessity of an easy-to-clean shower head so both companies have engineered their rain showers so the swipe of your finger takes away hard water spots and mineral deposits. Nozzles compress into the shower head, creating a flat surface you can wipe it clean and keep it looking as beautiful as the day you installed it.

Installation Options

hansgrohe fitted the Raindance with a ball joint at the base of the shower head so you can choose how to install your rain shower head. The ball joint creates flexibility so you can either use your existing shower arm or even attach a 3-inch extension for a more traditional rain shower look and feel. Having the ball joint also means each member of the family can adjust the shower head to the right angle for their best shower.

GROHE's Raindance is only available with the traditional, overhead rain shower configuration, so you'll have to plan for a ceiling installation during your bathroom remodel.

Size Matters

Rain shower heads typically measure eight to 12 inches in diameter. The bigger the better is usually the way to go to be sure you're getting the most out of your rain shower experience every time you shower.

The Raindance from hansgrohe measures 10 inches for the smaller version and 12 inches for the larger. The Rainshower is also available in two different sizes - both eight and 12 inches - giving you options depending on your lay-out.

Decision Time

Both the Raindance and the Rainshower are beautiful fixtures that would look great in your shower. hansgrohe and GROHE put a lot of thought into the construction of their faucets, using solid brass internal components so you have confidence in your purchase.

Price is another consideration, of course. The Raindance has an MSRP price range of $597 to $927 while the Raindance price range starts at $425 and increase up to $1,395.