Hansgrohe vs Grohe: What's the Difference?

grohe vs hansgrohe: modern grohe and hansgrohe kitchen faucets mobile  grohe vs hansgrohe:modern grohe and hansgrohe kitchen faucets

One of the most-asked questions we answer is if Hansgrohe and Grohe are the same company. The short answer is, “No.” The longer answer is a little more complicated.

The History of Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe is the original company founded in Germany by Hans Grohe in 1901. Grohe had been a well-known clothier near Berlin, but his interest in water and early sanitation systems led him to abandon fabric and establish a metal-working shop, according to the company’s website.

At the turn of the 20th century, indoor plumbing was still a rare convenience in most homes, but Hans saw the potential. He designed tin showers as a more economical way to bathe than the traditional bathtub.

grohe vs hansgrohe:modern hansgrohe kitchen faucet in satin nickel
Hansgrohe Kitchen Faucet

Eventually, Hans was considered a pioneer and expert in shower technologies. Showers today with a wallbar for their handheld showerhead have Grohe to thank for it; he invented it in 1953. A few years ago, the Hansgrohe slogan was, “Das Orginal,” a clear message about its position as the original Grohe company.

Where Grohe Comes In

Grohe was founded in 1911 as Berkenhoff & Paschedag in Hemer, Germany, but got its new name in 1948, 12 years after Friedrich Grohe, one of Hans Grohe’s sons, purchased the company, the company history page reads. From that point, Friederich acquired a number of smaller companies, each of them specializing in a different technology:

  • 1956 – Carl Nestler Armaturenfabrik, inventor and leading manufacturer of thermostats
  • 1991 – Eichelberg, the oldest (1817) sanitary faucet manufacturer in Germany
  • 1994 – Deutsche Armaturenfabrik Leipzig (DAL), inventors of the flush valve
grohe vs hansgrohe:modern two tone grohe kitchen faucat
Grohe Kitchen Faucet
Since then, Grohe has grown and now directly competes against Hansgrohe. Grohe America is headquartered in Bloomingdale, IL. The two companies do have something in common: both are well known for designing and producing high-quality, high-end faucets and fixtures for kitchens and bathrooms with a distinctly European flair.