4 Best Grohe Shower Heads On The Market Today

Our guide to helping you choose what Grohe shower head is best for you.

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Creating comfortable, soothing spaces in your home is a commonly overlooked part of self-care. That’s why, when designing your rooms, it’s important to put time and effort into picking each fixture. Your shower head might not seem like the most important feature in your dream bathroom, but you’re going to be spending hours upon hours in your shower. You might as well make your experience as luxurious as possible. 

What Is The Difference Between Grohe And Hansgrohe?

Some people believe Grohe and Hansgrohe are the same company. However, even though they were once owned by members of the same family, the two companies are actually competitors.

Hansgrohe is the original company that was developed in Germany by Hans Grohe back in 1901. Hans Grohe worked as a clothier before developing an interest in water and sanitation systems.

Back then, indoor plumbing was not common. It was only found in a scattering of households across the country. However, Grohe saw the potential in the industry. That is why he eventually started designing his products. He began with tin showers, believing they would be a much more economical way to bathe than using a traditional bathtub. He also went on to invent wall bars for handheld showerheads in 1953.

Grohe, on the other hand, wasn’t founded until 1911. It was originally known as Berkenhoff & Paschedag until 1948 when Friedrich Groche (one of Hans’ sons) left his father’s company and decided to purchase it. Friederich also acquired additional companies specializing in thermostats, flush valves, and sanitary faucets.  

Even though Hansgrohe and Grohe are now competitors, they are both known for designing high-quality, high-end fixtures for both kitchens and bathrooms across the globe.

What Kind Of Grohe Shower Heads Are There?

Grohe shower heads come in a wide range of different shapes, sizes, and styles. They can be mounted flush against your ceiling or onto your wall like a traditional shower head, depending on what type of aesthetic you’re trying to create in your bathroom and how you would like your spray to hit you during your long, hot showers.

The single greatest thing about Grohe shower heads is that they allow you to create a new sensation every single day. After all, not every morning is the same, so not every shower should be the same.

You can use a rain spray, which is calm and warm like summer rain when you’re stepping into your shower to relax and reduce stress. You can use a champagne spray when you want big, soft water droplets to help keep your children or your pets squeaky clean. You can use a powerful jet spray when you want to use the water to massage sore muscles after a workout or long day on your feet. Or, if you’re in a rush and want to hop in the shower quickly before starting your day, you can use a normal spray that provides full coverage.

No matter which type of spray you choose to use, your shower head is going to distribute the same amount of water to every nozzle. This will create an even spray, warming you from top to bottom.

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Where Are Grohe Shower Heads Manufactured?

Grohe was first created in Germany – and that is still where products are manufactured to this day. Since the late seventies, their shower heads have been created at the Grohe shower factory in Lahr. This is located in Germany’s Black Forest region, a beautiful, forested mountain area renowned for its spas.

Even though Grohe shower heads are manufactured in Germany, they are distributed to more than 180 different countries across the globe. They also have a headquarters in America which exists in the heart of the Flatiron district. There, they have the GROHE Live! Center which is an interactive showroom created for inspiration and collaboration.

The workers who create Grohe shower heads are diligent with every aspect of the job. They take great care in each step of the process – from injection molding to welding to assembling to quality inspecting to packing. They make sure that every shower head is up to their company’s high-quality standards.

Grohe workers understand how to create quality products -- and how to help the environment in the process. There are many shower heads developed by competing companies that have high flow rates, which means more water is coming out of the shower head per minute and more water is being wasted down the drain. Since this is an ineffective, outdated method of showering, Grohe has created shower heads with a lower flow rate. These shower heads save water to avoid depleting our environment of its natural resources. The low flow rate also ends up saving consumer’s money because the less water they use during each shower, the lower their water bill is going to be each month. With innovative, outside of the box thinking, Grohe has managed to help both consumers and wildlife without sacrificing performance. 

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What Are The Best Grohe Shower Heads?

Grohe shower heads come in a variety of sizes and styles, which means no matter what kind of look you are going for, one of their products is going to match your aesthetic. It doesn’t matter which option you choose, because every single shower head created by Grohe delivers a high-quality performance.

Relexa Five-Spray Showerhead

This shower head has five adjustable spray patterns, which means you can change the setting depending on your mood. There is a normal spray, a jet spray, a rain spray, a massage spray, and a champagne spray. There is also a ball-joint on the shower head so you can spray any area of your body without contorting yourself into odd, uncomfortable positions.

Rainshower Cosmopolitan 160 Showerhead

You don’t have to wait until your next vacation to experience pure relaxation. The water pressure from this shower head will make you feel like you’re visiting a luxurious, five-star hotel without ever leaving home. It’s full of power and provides you with full, even coverage to make sure every inch of your body feels rejuvenated. It will help you destress after a long day or get ready for the long day ahead of you.

Relexa Headshower 9.5 

This shower head is perfect for anyone with long, thick hair. It creates a steady, powerful stream of water that will make sure to wash out your shampoo and conditioner without a hassle. When you’re in a rush and need to hop in and out of the shower quickly, you won’t have to worry about any extra product getting stuck in your hair, because this shower head is going to provide you with the strength and coverage you need.

Grandera Showerhead

This shower head delivers precise and consistent water during each use. It is also a breeze to attach, which means you won’t have to worry about tearing your entire bathroom apart to do the installation. Attaching it to your shower will be quick and painless. The same day you add it to your dream bathroom, you can give it a test run to see just how well it flows.

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom to give it a more relaxing, soothing atmosphere, you should think about browsing through Grohe shower heads. They will help you start every morning off right.  

Grohe shower heads can provide you with an easy installation process, great water pressure, and a relaxing experience that gives a whole new meaning to taking a shower. It's more than just a shower head - it's a luxury.