Matching Suites with Cohesive Design

Shop American-made products that are built to last with Waterstone. With distinctive suites of products, this brand makes coordinating your kitchen simple.

Waterstone | Hausera

With top-caliber parts and components designed to work together as suites, Waterstone is dedicated to enhancing your interior design and providing you with quality that will last. Every element of the production of these fixtures is made in America, from the design to the engineering, manufacturing, finishing and exporting of the pieces so you can rest assured that it has been made locally—something in which Waterstone takes great pride. The quality achieved in this local manufacturing is unprecedented, as everyone in the crew loves the faucets they create. Available in an array of finishes from brass to stainless steel or graphite, the pieces are customizable to your taste. Coordinating your faucetry items can make the difference in a home remodel, so you can revel in the fact that this brand has created six unique suites with matching elements for a cohesive aesthetic. Choose from a traditional or contemporary style depending on your personal design vision.