Vigo Industries

Everyday Creativity and Design for Everyone

Vigo Industries aspires to deliver the best in practicality, form, and value. The company strives to showcase your personal style and improve your everyday routines in both the bathroom and kitchen.

Vigo Industries | Hausera

Exquisite engineering and functional fashion are the key words for Vigo Industries. One of the fastest-growing private companies in America, the bathroom and kitchen fixtures brand is invested in producing high-quality and interesting pieces. Their customers can have peace of mind, knowing that they have acquired a durable and functional model which also reflects their interior design aesthetic. With features such as Smart Adjust Shower Installation, which will accommodate adjustments in order to fit into an array of openings, it is clear that innovative engineering is at play to bring you the cutting-edge in bathroom fixtures. The company also strives to surpass industry standards in terms of resilience, consistency and durability. Vigo Industries believes that it is not enough to be functional. To be worthy of the Vigo name, every piece must also be beautiful.