Newport Brass

Exceptional Quality and Flawless Beauty

Traditional bathroom with Newport Brass Chesterfield bathtub faucet Traditional bathroom with Newport Brass Chesterfield bathtub faucet

Choose from a multitude of finishes and styles to find the perfect fit for your bathroom or kitchen with the luxury collections from Newport Brass.

Newport Brass Faucets | Hausera

Newport Brass has gone from a small, family-owned business to industry leader by building a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality construction. It was one of the first brands to offer an expanded selection of finishes and continues to pride itself on its customization options with 30 different high-quality textures and colors to choose from. You’ll find endless inspiration in their carefully curated collections featuring Art Deco, Neo Classic, Victorian and Contemporary styles. All Newport Brass products are created with design continuity in mind, allowing you to mix and match your favorite pieces from different lines. Not only does it champion exquisite design, Newport Brass is also committed to protecting the environment with a holistic approach to eco-friendly production. Using techniques like low cure temperatures and chemical water treatment, Newport Brass is working to reduce its carbon footprint. The brand’s 1.2 GPM faucets save 45% more water than standard fixtures, and all Newport Brass bathroom pieces meet WaterSense standards.