Delta Vero Collection

Graceful Lines With a High-End Look

Delta Vero Collection | Hausera

The Delta Vero collection takes inspiration from the slender lines and momentary arcs of a ribbon in flight. It combines graceful curves with angular features for an eye-catching, high-end appeal. Select a Delta Vero faucet to introduce a modern look to your bathroom. A two-handle design offers a classic look, while an asymmetric single handle faucet leans into this collection's modern influences. Explore our selection of Delta Vero Showers, which includes raincan showerheads that mimic the feeling of gentle rainfall for a luxuriously relaxing experience. You'll find options here with H2Okinetic technology, which changes the shape and velocity of the water droplets to offer increased warmth and intensity without using more water. The Vero collection is also WaterSense compliant, offering excellent functionality while being water efficient. It's also compatible with Delta's MultiChoice Universal Valve. This allows you to easily upgrade your fixtures without having to change the in-wall plumbing.