Historical Influences Meet Modern Sophistication

As the specialists in high-quality bathtubs and fixtures, this brand puts premium design at the forefront of its collections. Sumptuous shapes and sleek finishes give Cheviot's products a stand-out quality.

Cheviot | Hausera

When it comes to design, Cheviot knows how to make a statement. Lavish shapes inspired by 19th-century design, minimalist silhouettes and bold colors make their collections stand out above the rest. Their focus on design elements is met by unrivaled quality—the brand uses materials such as AA grade titanium-based enamel cast iron and composite resin that’s stronger than acrylic and impervious to flexing while being stain resistant. Not only do these materials deliver exceptional durability, but they offer a comfortable, luxurious bathing experience that keeps water warm. Finishes such as Copper Leaf, Polished Brass, Brushed Stainless Steel and your own Custom Color experience give their products that extra edge. When you find a finish or style you like, you can easily coordinate it with other Cheviot products, such as sinks and faucets.