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With their straightforward and user-friendly designs, our selection of toilets, toilet seats, and bidets are versatile and functional thanks to their intelligent features and various buying configurations.

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Toilets & Bidets | Hausera

Whether you're looking to replace the entire fixture or just the seat, you're bound to find your next toilet from our varied collection. Choose from a two-piece round toilet or a chair-height toilet with an elongated bowl for your comfort. Classic styles with ornate features will complement a traditional bathroom design, while the clean lines of square-bowl toilet seats blend in seamlessly with a contemporary look. Intelligent toilets with tankless and two-flush options adapt to your plumbing requirements, and the self-cleaning and air-drying technologies mean that these fixtures are not only practical but also proactive. With separate bidets ranging from single-spray faucets with bowl to 5-hole bidet faucets, your hygiene needs are taken care of. Make the most of a smaller washroom by optimizing your space with a toilet-and-bidet combo. Manufactured from high-quality, high-performing materials, our collection is vast and durable. See our guide "How to Choose a Toilet" for more inspiration.