Steam Showers

A Spa-like Haven in Your Home

Bring a new level of luxury into your home with a steam shower. Our selection includes separate components to upgrade your existing shower and full kits to create a whole new experience.

Steam Showers | Hausera | Hausera

Steam showers use generators to quickly fill your bathroom with gentle steam for an utterly relaxing, spa-like experience. As well as offering a feeling of luxury, they can help to alleviate congestion or respiratory issues, cleanse the skin and soothe tired muscles. For your peace of mind, many designs offer built-in heating limiters to keep the steam at a safe temperature. Components can include a steam shower generator, a shower unit or cubicle, a steam showerhead, and installation hardware. Increase the level of indulgence by choosing designs that include lighting and entertainment settings. Enhance your steam with chromatherapy lighting options that use colored lights to suit or uplift your mood. Aromatherapy steam showers release soothing fragrances to envelop you in your favorite scents, while those with radio or Bluetooth capabilities allow you to listen to music and podcasts while you relax. Select a design with programmable settings and simply step in as your steam shower heats up to your ideal temperature for your chosen duration. Features like auto drains and water filters prolong the life of the generator by helping to reduce rust and mineral build up.