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Complete your bathroom with a shower faucet from our collection. We have one and two-showerhead systems that provide rainfall and spray effects, as well as innovative designs that digitally control temperature.

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Shower Only Faucets | Hausera

Our collection of shower faucets helps you achieve a clean-lined aesthetic in your bathroom. Pick from wall-mounted and handheld designs—or a system that includes both—to suit your household needs. We have single, double and even triple-lever systems that give you control over water pressure and temperature. Look for rainfall heads that are relaxing to step under as well as pressurized spray styles for a powerful clean. Opt for a classic finish with a simple rounded design or go modern with an oversized square-shaped head. All sets include a shower arm, flange and valve trim, and some include a shower head with different spray patterns and flow rates. We also have systems with digital shower controls to bring your bathroom into the 21st century. Choose from shower trims in sleek polished finishes, or add a different tone to your decor with a Matte or Oil Rubbed style.