Shower Heads

Bring Luxury and Power to Your Shower

With a selection of old-world as well as ultra-modern designs, our shower heads incorporate innovative technology for a superior shower experience. Choose an overhead rain shower, practical handheld shower, or a two-in-one combination.

Shower Heads | Hausera | Hausera

Our collection of shower heads combines innovative technology with stylish design so you can find the perfect fixture to suit your needs. Our detachable shower heads with hose attachments deliver a powerful and consistent spray. Many have ergonomic spray head options allowing for easy adjustment. Looking for a show-stopping piece for a luxury space? Try our selection of stunning rainfall shower heads. Features like Katalyst air-induction technology efficiently mix air and water to maximize power. For complete flexibility, choose a two-in-one shower with both a fixed and detachable shower head. You’ll also find an extensive array of designs and styles to coordinate with your decor. Our shower heads come in a selection of long-lasting finishes, including Polished, Brushed and Oil Rubbed options. Many fixtures also have a WaterSense label, meaning they conserve water without reducing performance.