Shower Bases

Sturdy Foundations for Your Bathroom

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Our universal collection of shower bases offers versatile options for different bathroom aesthetics and shower configurations. A luxurious enameled cast-iron shower pan can be a sustainable choice, while chip-resistant acrylic bases are more cost-effective—both materials are long-lasting and available in a wide assortment of finishes. Whether you’re remodeling an existing shower or converting a tub, you’ll need to consider practical features such as the size and shape of your base as well as drain location. Corner shower bases make excellent space-saving solutions for compact bathrooms, whether you opt for a traditionally square base or a contemporary neo-angle shape. We also offer larger rectangular bases, which are a popular choice for alcove bath replacements. A tile-ready shower pan can be customized with a tile design that coordinates with your bathroom decor. Our shower bases are available with several different drain configurations, and you can pair with accessories such as drain covers for added comfort. If convenience is a priority, consider a low-threshold shower base for ease of access, or a slip-resistant, textured surface to avoid skids and falls. Models with an integrated shower seat are also available. Premium materials ensure durability, blending durability with timeless sophistication.