Hand Showers

Practical Hand Held Shower Accessories

Give your bathroom a practical touch with our collection of hand-held showers. They can be fitted to your existing shower arrangement or installed as standalone fixtures.

Hand Showers | Hausera | Hausera

Hand-held shower heads are a practical addition to your bathroom. Their flexible design allows for more maneuverability, making them ideal for families and people with reduced mobility. Our stylish selection of hand-held shower heads is made from high-quality materials and comes with convenient options. Many feature ergonomic designs meaning they’re easy to use even with soapy hands. They can be fitted to your existing shower, mounted to a hand held shower holder, bathtub faucet or installed as a standalone item. Some models come equipped with unique sprays, such as downpour, overall spray, and circular motion for a gentle water massage. Other useful features include self-cleaning jets, a pause button to limit the water stream in between use, and a pivoting head. Choose from a variety of finishes to suit your decor. A stainless-steel head works with minimalist designs, while brushed and oil-rubbed options will make for a statement vintage look.