Bathroom Mirrors

An Elegant Finish

Add the final flourish to your bathroom decor with a mirror. Gain storage space with a cabinet mirror or bring light into the room with a simple wall-mounted square or oval design.

Bathroom Mirrors | Hausera | Hausera

Brighten up your home decor with bathroom mirrors from the Hausera collection. Cabinets provide extra storage space and come in single, double or triple door designs. Choose from bathroom vanity mirrors in classic square shapes as well as vintage-inspired styles with curved edges. If you want style and function, choose from mirrors with built-in lights, defoggers or even Amazon Alexa features and USB charging points—ideal for recharging personal shavers or keeping your phone close at hand. Wall-mounted mirrors add a touch of pizzazz above the sink or bath. Our mirrors come in elegant oval shapes as well as timeless framed pieces with wood or metal finishes. Pull-out mirrors with magnifying glass are practical and sleek on metal concertina stands, and the large mirrors allow for better precision when shaving or applying makeup.