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Are you looking for a functional medicine cabinet that also adds aesthetic appeal? Do you want to enhance your bathroom in a few simple steps? Look no further than our selection of medicine cabinet frame kits. A side kit allows you to add wood side panels to a surface-mounted cabinet, giving a refined and modern look. For the full framing effect, go for one of our medicine cabinet frame only options. Choose from a wide array of wood finishes to match your existing bathroom fittings. Add warmth with Cherry Tweed, dark accents with Batiste Black, or lighten the room with White Oak. Frames are varnished to ensure that all finishes are moisture-resistant, meaning they will maintain their polished look over time, even in a humid bathroom environment. We carry medicine cabinet frame kits by Kohler in various shapes and sizes to fit most bathroom cabinets. Kits include all hardware and frames mount directly onto the wall for easy installation.