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Make a dramatic statement in your bathroom with a free-standing bathtub. While conventional tubs need to be placed against the wall, a free-standing tub can be installed wherever you like—even in the center of the room. All four sides are beautifully finished on a freestanding bath, so you can take advantage of any angle. We carry freestanding tubs by Kohler, Duravit, Cheviot, and Barclay in a number of durable materials. Acrylic offers strength and superior heat retention, which allows you to enjoy a hot bath for longer. Resin provides the aesthetic appearance of smooth stone but feels warm to the touch and is easy to clean. For extra indulgence, choose a freestanding tub with whirlpool or air jets. Enjoy a gentle or invigorating massage at the intensity you prefer. Some of the bathtubs feature slip resistance, so there's no need to worry about sliding as you get in and out of the tub. Transform your bathroom into something extraordinary with a free-standing bathtub.  See our guide on "How to Choose a Bathtub".