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An air bathtub uses low pressure to create a gentle massage effect over the entire body. With millions of heated air bubbles that percolate through the bath, an air tub will give you an indulgent, effervescent feeling. Unlike whirlpool jets, which shoot jets of water, an air jet tub uses jets of warm air. This provides a highly relaxing, spa-like experience in your bathroom. Air bathtubs by Kohler, Kallista, Hydro Systems and other leading brands will relax your muscles and leave you feeling calm and refreshed. Some of these tubs offer adjustable intensity—set your bath for a soothing touch or a more spirited massage. Other models feature a heated surface, for even greater comfort around your head and neck. If you have the space, why not go for an air bathtub with room for two? Built-in armrests and lumbar supports will give you both optimum contentment during an intimate evening in. We carry air tubs in a number of installation types, including drop-in, freestanding and corner tubs. A variety of finishes are available: From Black to Silver to Sand, we have the tub to suit your preferred taste.