Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets

From traditional to contemporary: designs to match your bathroom decor

Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets | Hausera | Hausera

Create a clean aesthetic with a wall mount bathroom faucet. Ideal if you have a petite or bowl sink, wall mounted faucets don’t take up space on your vanity. From traditional to contemporary, you'll find faucets in styles to match your decor. Achieve a subtle finish with a minimalist spout that uses straight lines, or go for a rustic look with an elegantly curved design. Try single lever options to save even more space. For optimum water control, pick a two handled wall mount bathroom sink faucet instead. Convenient features like pop up drains make getting rid of water simple, while those that are WaterSense certified mean you'll use less water than with standard faucets. Look for fixtures with ceramic valves to prevent leakages. Many styles are crafted from durable steel or brass for extra longevity.