The Best Bathroom Ideas To Inspire Your Next Renovation

These bathroom designs will inspire you to take renovating to a whole new level.

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If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, you should do your research. You shouldn’t jump headfirst into your project before knowing the basics about home design. If you’re going to make changes to your bathroom, big or small, here is some important information you should know to make the process as smooth as possible.

Before you begin any renovation, consider some of the following:

What Budget Do You Have To Work With?

The first thing you need to do before beginning any type of home renovation is creating a realistic budget. You should ask yourself what aspects of the room you’re interested in changing, research how much those changes typically cost, and decide which high-priority fixtures you’re willing to spend more money on and which low-priority fixtures you would rather purchase for the cheapest possible price. You should also ask yourself what padding you have on your budget if you need to make changes during your upgrades or renovations. Ideally, you should have 20% reserved for changes that you need to make at the moment. 

Who Is Going To Do The Work? What Is Their Cost?

Whether you’re going to install a new showerhead, a new faucet, or a new vanity, you should probably hire a professional in order to make sure the job is done correctly. Some manufacturers even require customers to have their products installed by a licensed plumber in order to take advantage of their warranty. That means the cost of the product isn’t the only price you’re going to pay. You also need to factor in how much a plumber is going to charge you to install your new fixtures. This varies based on the product and your location, so make sure you get an estimate beforehand.

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How Long Is Your Bathroom Going To Be Under Renovation? And How Does That Impact Your Life?

There are certain changes you can make to your bathroom over the course of a weekend or even in a single afternoon. However, if you’re going to renovate your entire bathroom, it might take you weeks (or even months) to complete the project. If you have another bathroom in the house your family can use, then the length of your renovation might not impact your everyday life. However, if this is your only bathroom and you cannot have the shower or sink disconnected for long, you need to make sure your renovation goes quickly and smoothly.

How Does Your Bathroom Upgrade Intermingle With The Style Of Your Home? And The Style Of Your Other Rooms?

You want your house to have one cohesive theme, so it feels like all of the rooms flow together. Before you start picking out fixtures for your new bathroom, you should ask yourself whether they are going to blend with the rest of the house or clash with the rest of the house. It’s okay if your kitchen has a more modern theme and your bathroom has a transitional theme because they share some of the same elements. However, you probably don’t want your kitchen to have an industrial feel and your bathroom to have a rustic feel. Such completely different styles will make the bathroom feel like it belongs to a completely different house, which can be quite jarring.

What Bathroom Styles Are There?

You should choose your bathroom style based on what type of color palettes, finishes, and materials you prefer. Of course, you should also keep in mind the style of the other rooms in your home. Here are the different types of styles you can choose from when you’re renovating: 


This style borrows from both traditional and modern styles. It allows you to mix together your favorite elements in order to create the best of both worlds. If you’re opting for a transitional bathroom, you should use steel and glass, which are more modern materials, along with plush accents, which are more traditional. You should also stick to using a neutral color palette that is stylish and sleek, but also warm and inviting.

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Modern bathrooms are crisp, sparse, and minimalistic. They commonly feature a simple color palette with chrome accents and high contrast elements. If you’re planning on creating a modern bathroom, then you should stick to using materials made of metal, glass, and steel. The goal is to make the room look clean and uncluttered, which means you shouldn’t incorporate a lot of accessories as you would find in a more rustic style bathroom.

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A rustic style is similar to a farmhouse style, except it has more of a craftsman flair. It places an emphasis on natural woods, dark color palettes, and durable materials. When you’re creating a rustic bathroom, you shouldn’t shy away from using raw, unfinished elements. After all, this type of design style is inspired by nature.

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Traditional bathrooms are rooted in Eastern sensibilities. That is why they typically feature classic details and an abundance of accessories. Your traditional bathroom should include dark, finished wood and a rich color palette. It should also include a variety of patterns and textures in order to give the space depth and dimensionality.

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Industrial bathrooms are typically furnished with materials made from chrome and metal. They don’t shy away from unfinished elements, like exposed pipes behind the sink, because this style is meant to resemble a warehouse or urban loft. Keeping that in mind, you should stick to minimalistic colors like black and white. However, you can include small pops of contrasting colors in order to bring more life into the room.

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What Are Some Easy Bathroom Renovation Ideas?

You don’t have to remodel your entire bathroom at once. If you want to start small, here are a few easy changes you can make that will completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom:

Change Your Shower Head

Changing your shower head does more than just change the aesthetic of your bathroom. It can also change your bathing experience. The right shower head will provide the perfect amount of water pressure without wasting too much water. It might even include multiple spray settings so you can use a rain spray when you want to remove stress, a jet spray when you’re done exercising and want to massage your muscles, and a champagne spray when you want to wash your children or pets.

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Change Your Bathroom Faucet

Your faucets might seem like a small, unseen element, but you want to make sure they match the design of your overall bathroom. Depending on what type of style you’re aiming to create, you can choose a finish in chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, or oil-rubbed bronze. There are also different types of faucets, such as single-handle, center-set, spread-fit, bridge, deck mount, and wall mount.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom Accessories

You don’t have to install any new fixtures to your bathroom in order to make significant changes to the style. You can simply swap out your old accessories for new accessories. You can add a towel rack, soap dispenser, or robe hook in a finish that matches your faucets. You can add woven baskets and organizers in order to move some of the clutter off your counters and into a more organized space. You can also purchase a toilet paper holder in order to keep your paper products organized.

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Add Space For Living Walls Or Houseplants

Even if your bathroom is small, you can add shelving in order to create more space. Then you can place succulents on your new shelves in order to bring more life into the room. Or, if you want to take a more unique route, you can install a living wall. These are vertical gardens attached to the interior or exterior of a building. They will help you incorporate greenery into your bathroom, giving it a more natural, earthy feel.

Get Synergy With Your Accessories

You don’t want anything in your bathroom to look like it was placed there on accident. You want all of the elements of your home to blend together. By making sure your towel rack, towel hooks, paper towel holders, and other accessories all match, it can make the bathroom look more cohesive. That is why you should choose a theme and make sure everything in your bathroom fits under the same category.

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What Are Some Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Those Who Have Intermediate Handy Skills?

You don’t have to hire a handyman for every renovation you make to your bathroom. If you have intermediate handy skills, then there are a few changes you should be able to handle on your own, which means you’ll save money when it comes to the cost of installation.

Change Your Bathtub Faucet And Shower Head, Together

If you’re planning to change your bathtub faucet and your shower head, then you should install them both around the same time. That way, you can make sure their finishes match. You can also make sure the pipes are only disconnected for a short amount of time. This will shorten the length of your renovation by taking care of two similar installations at once.

Change Your Sink

Installing a new sink can change the entire look of your bathroom. You can purchase a pedestal sink for a small bathroom in order to make it look less cluttered and create more space. Or you could add a vanity sink so you can store your hair products and feminine products in the cabinet beneath the sink. The right sink is the perfect way to make the room more functional, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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Transition Old Mirrors To Medicine Cabinets With Storage (Or Smart Medicine Cabinets)

If you need more room for your toothpaste, creams, and lotions, then you should remove your old mirror and replace it with a medicine cabinet. That way, you can store everything you need inside. If you’re willing to invest a little extra money, you could also buy a smart medicine cabinet, which lights up so you can do your makeup and has Bluetooth connectivity so you can listen to music while you get ready in the morning.

When renovating your bathroom, keep in mind how important space is, especially when you're decorating and optimizing for storage. If you want organization in the bathroom, MyDomaine has some ideas: 

  • Opt for a dresser-style vanity. If you have an old dresser, consider transforming it and reusing it as a decorative storage space. Not only is it trendy and stylish, but it's functional as well, with its drawers for hair products and extra hand towels. 
  • Invest in built-in cabinetry. Consider building and installing a cabinet for a designated storage area, for toilet paper, towels, and other bathroom necessities. Or, set a budget for someone to build and install it for you. If you have a larger bathroom, build a shelving area. Go big or go home.

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What About Designing A Bathroom For Kids?

Consider putting a little TLC into your kids' bathroom. It is important that they have a space that is functional and still meets their interests and needs. If you want your kids to learn responsibility and self-sufficiency and to feel comfortable and confident with who they are, give them a bathroom space for them to call their own. 

Design and Flexibility 

Incorporate their interests into the decor. Consider your son's favorite sport or your daughter's favorite color, if they like space or the aquarium or reading books. Take into consideration that they will grow up and their interests will most likely change. If she likes the colors pink or purple, find accessories or decor in that color. If he likes the aquarium, find a shower curtain with fish on it. Keep the bathroom mostly neutral, but put their interests in the details of the decor. Little things can be easily changed at another time or when they're older. You want the bathroom space to be pretty flexible. 


No matter if you're renovating a shared space or a bathroom specific to a boy or to a girl, functionality is important. Make sure the sinks are at a decent level or get step stools for them to use. Same for the toilets. When they're young, consider only installing a walk-in shower; not only are they safer than an alcove or freestanding tub (the risk of slipping when getting in and out of the tub), but they're easier to style (there are tons of shower door styles and shower curtains to choose from). 

If you have boys or girls or a mix of both, you should invest in durable hardware, like single-handle faucets and shower heads, that will be reliable as they use it over time. Simplicity and reliability are two important factors to consider when designing a bathroom for your kids. If you have a young girl, create a beautiful, functional space for her to pamper herself and develop her confidence. If you have a growing boy, help him feel more comfortable and responsible with his own space. Functionality and flexibility are key. 

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How Should A Small Bathroom Be Designed? 

Whether if you're designing an attic bathroom or transforming the powder room, here's some insight and inspiration:

Utilize Space 

If you're designing a bathroom in the attic, work with what you've got. Be aware of where the plumbing is when you install a soaking tub and toilet. Position it above an already-existing bathroom, if possible, and save yourself some stress. Make sure the freestanding tub or shower enclosure you purchase can actually fit in the space, too. Be ready to face inevitable problems! 

Get Creative 

Smaller bathrooms won't have the space for everything you want, so if you can only manage a sink and a toilet, that's okay--just make the space comfortable and pretty and to your liking. Install skylight windows in the attic bathroom for extra light. Add a pop of color somewhere--floor tiles, wallpaper, accessories, decor. Use mirrors for the illusion of a bigger space. 

The Spruce offers some ideas for how you can design and decorate smaller spaces, like for attic bathrooms or a powder room

  • Install hanging shelves. Whether if you want the shelves to hold decor or a place for storage (like toilet paper or decorative containers for q-tips), hanging shelves are a great addition to any bathroom. They are versatile, accessible, and trendy. 
  • Use color. Not only is it good to freshen up the paint of an outdated bathroom, but color can make the room look and feel bigger. Light-colored flooring and pale, soft color schemes are ideal. 

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How Should A Smaller Master Bathroom Be Renovated?

Master bathrooms are typically larger than a powder room or a kids' bathroom. Still, on the rare occasion, they are similar in size. With that being said, how can you transform the master bath into a luxurious and functional space that stands out from the other bathrooms in the house? Here are some ideas:

  • Update the features and hardware. This includes the sink faucet, the showerhead, the sink, the tub and/or shower enclosure, and the floor and wall tiles. Little updates to the things you use every day will make you feel like you're bathing and relaxing in a luxurious space, no matter the size. 
  • Declutter the space and keep things organized. When decorating and organizing the bathroom space, go for more of a minimalist approach. If you have less stuff around--like decor and accessories--the more the bathroom will feel and look bigger. 

When renovating a master bathroom, there will be plenty of challenges, but just be sure to do your research first. Measure the space so you know how to design the layout and which tiles, vanities, and bathtubs to purchase. Figure out what the lighting will be like and if you have space for a tub and a shower enclosure. Remember: small changes can make a huge difference.

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What Are Some Bathroom Ideas?

Want to go for a certain theme in your bathroom? Let's talk about a couple of styles that are trending. 

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom 

First and foremost, plan things out and know what you're working with. Are there other rooms in your house with this design? If so, correlate and coordinate! Here are some key elements to this style: 

  • Wood Cabinetry. This can be for storage and for a design choice. No matter if you choose an oak or dark cherry, both types are indicative of the style you're aiming for. Find some cabinets large enough to be a place for storage or to hide the sink pipes. 
  • Clean and Minimal. Mid-century modern bathrooms typically have white, a light tan, or black walls--it's easier to match decor and hardware with those neutral colors. However, if you want to keep things clean and minimal but want to shake things up a bit, install a wall or floor tile with hexagonal shapes. Sleek curves and clean lines are a popular design choice.
  • Retro Design and Lighting. Most mid-century modern bathrooms don't have a lot of decor, but rather, sleek design with good lighting and sharp lines and curves around the room. This "modern" part of this bathroom is by a means of adding gold or brass fixtures and finishes. Consider a brass sink faucet with sleek curves or brass robe and towel hooks with a clean shape to it. Find good lighting fixtures that are retro-inspired and still modern, like pendants. 

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Minimalist Bathroom 

If you're familiar with the Marie Kondo method, you know that less is more. Decluttering your home (and evidently, your life) from things that don't bring you joy are important and essential to living a better lifestyle. A minimalistic design in your bathroom is becoming trendy and honestly, it's great. Here's how you can achieve the minimalist look: 

  • Keep Things Simple. Sure, maybe you love having cutesy decor above your toilet or a mason jar of flowers on the countertop, but that's not minimal. If it's not an essential item or if it doesn't bring you an overwhelming amount of joy, don't have it in your space. You don't need extra furniture or a bunch of picture frames hanging on the walls. All you need is a sink, a toilet, and a place to bathe. 
  • Stay Neat and Organized. Go through your things and figure out what you use/what you need and what needs to be trashed. Whatever is left should have a place and it should stay there. Use medicine cabinets or the cabinet under the sink for storage. Add labels on baskets, jars, bottles. Coordinate the color of the towels with the storage containers. If it doesn't serve a purpose or bring you joy, don't keep it around. 

Jack-and-Jill Bathrooms

Jack and Jill bathrooms are a trendy design, especially if you have the layout for it and kids who are sharing that space. This layout is when there is a bathroom shared between two bedrooms with doors on both ends. Although there are separate sinks, everything else is typically shared. With that being said, here are some tips and ideas: 

  • Paint walls a neutral color. There are two people sharing the bathroom and you don't want the colors and design to match the preference of one person over the other. Go for a neutral color and allow each kid to decorate their side of the sink to match their personality (with a certain toothbrush color or towels with prints). 

  • Invest in durable hardware and appliances. Two people are using the showerhead and faucet, and so, it's important to have appliances and hardware that are durable, versatile, and functional. Consider a bathtub/shower combination so it fits the preferences of everyone, and a multi-functional showerhead so they can have the water pressure and spray settings that they want.

Our 4 Favorite Before And After Bathroom Renovations On Instagram:

If you’re not sure exactly how much of your bathroom you should change, here are a few before and after pictures that are going to give you home design inspiration:

Simply Beautiful By Angela

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This outdated master bathroom has been transformed into a beautiful space with an industrial farmhouse design style. Its entire look has changed, simply by transitioning the oak cabinets to concrete, swapping out the mirrors, and adding shelving.

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A post shared by Angela (@simplybeautifulbyangela) on Jun 19, 2019 at 5:59pm PDT

This powder room looks much more spacious with its new walls, floors, and cabinets. However, it proves what a big difference even the smallest accessories can make. Simply updating the toilet paper holder and installing shelving above the toilet has added character to the room that wasn’t there before.

Katie Gelsh Home

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A post shared by Katie Gelsheimer (@katie_gelsh_home) on Sep 3, 2019 at 5:00pm PDT

You don’t need a lot of room in order to create your dream bathroom. You can do a lot with a small space, and this photo is proof. Changing the hardware, the wallpaper, and the light fixtures has turned this plain bathroom into a sleek, stylish one.

Eye In The Detail

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A post shared by Jessie ~ DIY & Design (@eyeinthedetail) on Nov 6, 2019 at 6:53am PST

This bathroom proves you can successfully change the theme of your bathroom along with its entire color palette. If you aren’t happy with your bathroom now, that’s okay, because you can make it look like an entirely different room.

If you’re renovating your bathroom, you should set a budget, determine what type of style you prefer, and make sure to post pictures of the before and after!