Discover Ariel Bath Toilets

Discover Ariel Bath Toilets - Ariel Bath Adonis Toilet Discover Ariel Bath Toilets - Ariel Bath Adonis Toilet

Your bathroom remodel plan using unique and interesting shapes can come together when you use faucets and fixtures from Ariel Bath. You'll want to pay particularly close attention to Ariel Bath's toilets. Their contemporary one piece toilets add sophistication to any bathroom, creating an elegant and functional space.

Ariel Toilets One Piece Design

Ariel toilets feature a one piece design, meaning that the tank and the bowl are formed together as one piece of ceramic. Ariel’s toilets are also finished with a stain resistant, high quality glaze. This makes each toilet much easier to clean because grime cannot get caught in hard-to-reach crevasses. One piece toilets are often a better fit for small spaces, and they are more durable. One piece designs have many advantages over two piece toilets, and are becoming more popular. As a result, Ariel Bath utilizes this modern design in every one of their toilets.

Dual Flush Options

Many of Ariel’s toilets are dual flush. They have two buttons above the tank that adjusts the flow of water when flushing, which can cut water usage in half compared to traditional toilets. You use the lower level flush for liquid waste and the full-power flush for solid waste. This feature may cost more upfront, but in the long run, it’s more cost effective, efficient and better for the environment.

Soft Close Seat Design

Ariel also offers a soft close seat design on several of its toilets, which is perfect for families with small children who often slam seats and for bathrooms attached to bedrooms. Groggy users do not have to worry about accidentally slamming the seat in the middle of the night and waking up their partner. Avoid the loud noise and the damage to your toilet seat by upgrading to a soft close design. Soft close toilet seats means there is no excuse not to close the lid, just give it a push, walk away and let the toilet seat do the work.

All-in-all, Ariel creates beautiful, sleek toilets that instantly upgrade any bathroom. When shopping for a new toilet the modern design, flush options and soft close seats make Ariel toilets ideal for any home.