Our story begins with you

young couple cooking in industrial modern kitchen with sink and faucet mobile size young couple cooking in industrial modern kitchen with sink and faucet


Finding inspiration for your new build or remodel fuels excitement for your project. But searching for what you need to fulfill that inspiration often falls flat. It can even turn your project into a disappointment. That’s what inspired us to create Hausera.

We’re setting out to make an online destination for kitchen and bathroom fixtures. We want it to inspire professionals and homeowners. But most importantly, we want to take that inspiration and excitement and actually make it quicker and easier to fulfill. We’re constantly working to perfect our vision of creating the ultimate online kitchen and bathroom showroom experience. As technology changes, and as we learn more about your needs and wants, we will continue to evolve and improve our site and services.


Everything we do is to give you a better shopping and buying experience. Whether you’re the DIYer, a contractor, a designer, or a homeowner working with a contractor or designer, we know that if every touch point is smoother, the entire process is more satisfying. We also know we can’t fix all of your pain points. But there are some we can improve. We’re constantly working to make the experience even better — to make it easier to buy the highest quality products that are tailored to your budget and style. All so you can have peace of mind and turn your inspiration into reality.


When your project is complete, you should look back and feel confident in the choices you made. To help bring your vision to life while limiting some of the disappointments and challenges along the way, our online experience is being created specifically with homeowners and professionals in mind.


We have expert staff trained to give you the support you need to find the perfect products within your budget. Service combined with a tailored online experience provide piece of mind that your project will go smoothly. We’re also working on perfecting in-home delivery and offering industry leading return and payment options.


No one understands the pain points of the building and renovating process more than those imbedded in the industry every day. Our dedicated account management, the ability to schedule deliveries, and our customized support materials will help keep your projects moving seamlessly. We’re also working on special pricing, loyalty rewards, referral bonuses, and an ambassador program that will help stretch your budget and exceed your customers’ expectations.